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July 11, 2007


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On a serious note, I read your article and as an east sider I would love to have community meetings with Ms. Quintana. As a home owner paying property taxes in this city I too would like to have my local council woman in my pocket (especially since I occasionally feel like the local reps/council members don't count voters as a special interest group worth considering). Can you imagine, a council person who you could influence solely based on your ability to vote! That would be awesome! Maybe that scares Ms. Quintana? Maybe she doesn't want to answer to the voters on a monthly basis?

I am new to local talk radio, but do they make a point of challenging you to boxing matches? Between that and a caller referring to our Soldiers as indentured servants I didn't get where the Barbara Perez show was going today. I did miss part of the show having to do with pedophilia in the Catholic Church which is relevant to our community so hopefully I'll catch the whole show to get a better picture.

Regarding the comments made by a caller who said that service members reenlist only for the money because they "have nothing to come back to":

Do El Pasoans really believe that our military is made up of the poor? And if that is the case, do they believe the poor cannot patriotically and willingly serve their country?

I was born and raised here and I did not realize that this community thought this way.


As for your first point... Liberals have gone to needing violence for people to adopt their beliefs. they can't beat me with their mind so they have to try to do with their fists.

And yes they don't think much of our soldiers. They have no clue the amount of discipline and commitment it takes to be one. They blame not only their superiors, but the soldiers themselves.

On your second thought. You can start holding the meeting every 2 weeks and invite her. Get an eatery to let you have folks there to talk about issues. even if she doesn't show up you can take notes and send them to her office. Eventually she'll have to show.


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