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November 25, 2009


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Turn out the lights the party is over, normaaaaaa. Do not let the door hit you fat @$$ as you turn out the lights. Enough already. Where can we see the poll numbers. normaaaaa angered alot of primary voters in 2008. Wonder what reyes is thinking and all those money donors to normaaaaa quitting and not running for the Texas Sernate. This is laugh out loud funny.....lololol hahaha

Are you an adult, susie? Calling someone is "fat @$$" is so juvelile.

We are talking about normaaaaaaaaa. Democrats across this country are not, I repeat not united. normaaaaaaaaaaa cannot win county wide. normaaaaaa has opponents in the house district seat. Watch these 2010 elections, because the "likely voters" who have voted democrat in the past are pissed off. The 2008 democrat primaries pissed off many "likey voters." I am hearing this. normaaaaaaa is the one who said she was running for that texas state senate seat, now all of a sudden she backs off. Turn out the lights normaaaaaaaa the party is over. normaaaaaa those poll numbers must have been something for you to back off. If they had been good poll numbers we wouild have heard about them What was that fund raiser for normaaaaaaa hosted by the reyes for? What does the reyes' want with normaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Ha ha, the jokes on you DK! Chavez is no political novice.

In local Democratic circles it is known that the trial lawyers did a push poll, as in negatives on Norma Chavez and sweet as pie on Jose Rodriguez. Shapleigh's plan didn't work though! And the business community knows that in a tuition revenue bond year, Chavez is guaranteed on appropriations by pure seniority, regardless who is SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.

So basically your meaningless bull shit blog does nothing but allow you to list the post on your report to those who pay you to stir up trouble.

The trials lawyers had a trial lawyer in the senate seat and were willing to do anything to ensure a trial lawyer reamined in the seat. EP gets a Shapleigh guy, "Hispanic" in the Senate seat, good for Shap for recognizing it was time for him to move on down the road.

And please don't be your anal self. Tell the whole truth. WE KNOW YOU DO Y9UR RESEARCH. YOU ARE PAID TO DO CORPORATE RAIDING STRATEGIES. Quintanilla (on Licensing Committee where ALL GAMBLING BILLS GO) RECEIVED A CHECK FROM THE CHICKSAW TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA AS DID SHAPLEIGH ($2500) and a slew of other Democrats that vote HARD CORE FOR ALL GAMBLING IN TEXAS.

AND DICKLESS, Chavez record speaks for itself. The El Paso Times, nor you can take that away from her, buisness folks in town know she gets thejob done.

Susie...pleeeeeeeeeeeasse..take your medication!!

sammie, I do not need to take medication. I am very healthy. I do not believe in drugs. Eat healthy and get your exercise. sammie, get your head out of normaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa's fat @$$.

Deep husky voice....good morning Strelz...it's susie.


Big Richard,

Busted. Norma claims the check form the Oklahoma tribe was for some kind of vote on a hospital (lie). You obviously have no idea what that Oklahoma tribe wants.

The business communtiy does not support her - they're forced to put up with her and they'd rather not.

You are so full of shit, it's stinking up my blog.

Get your facts straight next time - you sound ignorant.

Thanks for visiting my meaningless bullshit during your thanksgiving break, moron.

Big Richard must be related to Norma by blood, because UTEP pollsters showed that Lower Valley residents and Tigua residents find that San Roman candidate and Naomi Gonzalez, County Attorney, may not have any qualities that stand out, or tell them who they are, but as long as their name is NOT Norma Chavez, they are willing to vote for a new name. Norma's bad manners, tantrums, rudeness towards local El Pasoan Ms. Marquez, education on our tab, party animal insticts on 6th Street, vulgar language towards neighbors, and motorcyle mama appearanance, has worn its course an dgiven El Paso a substantial black eye. Need to vote in people who were already educated and not people whose lack of education contributes to bad behaviour and bad habits.

DK, some of us have real jobs and don't have the luxury to have Thanksgiving off. And there you go with your imaginary events as you want to portray them to confuse people. No where has Chavez said something about a hospital vote for the Chicksaw tribe.

You are full of shit. Put out the evidence prick!

Big Richard doesn't have the luxury of having Thanksgiving off but has time during the work day (apparently) to post a multi-paragraph note on the blog he/she hates.

your employer must be proud of your productivity, Norma, uh, Big Richard.

You know, i've been a spectator in the blogsphere for a while now, but as a Mexican American from EP, working adn going to UTEP after dropping out, I find Norma Chavez story real and the attacks on her education outrageous. It wouldn't happen in any other city but El Paso, in part because of the patron mentality here, "don't think - do as you are told."

Just because I work and don't have the luxury to have Thanksgiving off, doesn't mean I don't have a laptop and don't get breaks at work. And there are a lot of people out there sick of your dramitization and lies.

Norma C1havez fights for the little guy, she is one of us and there is a whole lot of people who are ready to help her. Do not under estimate her grassroots, I mean she had 700 plus people at her announcement (your boy Jaime was a wtiness). Chavez has a good record all this other stuff is not about doing her job

She isn't no blue blood politician. Norma Chavez is s a boot strapped homegirl. YOU CAN'T BEAT HER!

The homies are ready for the fight!


Here is where the problem lies. If Norma wanted to show her love of El Paso, she would have graduated from UTEP. I dropped out of UTEP years and years ago. I have a family to support and still found the time to return to my alma mater. Additionally, my job requires me to travel up to 50% of the time, which required me to miss valuable class time. My professors were able to accommodate this issue and because of extra effort, I did well and recently graduated. Norma Chavez could have just spoken to her potential professors and Dr. Natalicio to make something happen. Could you imagine the positive publicity for not only her, but for UTEP? I'm not a marketing major, but I can imagine the positive press if this happened.

Also, if she wanted to eliminate any view of inpropriety, she should have returned the money that the Oklahoma tribe. The Oklahoma tribe has at least one casino that is by the Texas border. If the Indian gaming law was passed, it would have created financial complications in Oklahoma.

use enough financial resources (in addition to plenty of free announcements on the norma chavez appreciation hour) to announce that you are having free beer, tacos, and entertainment and most local political types would be able to draw in 700, too.

think Shapleigh or Cook couldn't do it? you're damn right they could.

susie there is something very wrong with an adult who calls people "fat a$$es" in her posts.

I agree that Norma's graduation is something to be proud of and should not be bashed. Say what you want about various other matters, her educational achievement should not be discounted.


I would have no qualm with her return to school had she not used her per diem to attend classes. She atteneded classes while there on "official business."

She could have gone to UTEP and not used taxpayers dollars to do so.

She did wrong by us.

Many fail to see that it is not just actual impropriety that matters, but public officials, as with military officers, MUST avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Norma doesn't even see how this could appear wrong - and that is my only complaint with the subject.

Merry Christmas, normaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I hope you donot get alot of coal in your christmas stocking.

Norma Chavez has taken advantage and used the people in district 76. Are you tired of Norma Chavez wasting tax payers money on football games, parties. ect... while you are working hard to pay your bills, your taxes, and put food on the table? Enough is Enough. Get out and vote for Naomi Gonzalez. This is your time for HOPE AND CHANGE.

N.C. has not only gone to school on taxpayer money but she also traveled all over the country for Obama.
She thought she was gonna get a job. But, of course she didn't! She has been lying to the people in El Paso ever since she became the State Rep. here. Her homestead is in Austin, TX.
So why on earth should she be running here in El Paso.
This is supposed to be a felony, yet no one is doing anything about it. Go to the
state archives in Austin and
look it up. These are public records. Don't worry be happy, N.C. is out!!!

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