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November 08, 2009


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Just for fun, let's come up with some alternatives to his announcing site:

UTEP College of Business/Teaching/Engineering,etc.,
Any High/Middle/Elementary School
A state Park
A Starbucks
Any Construction Site Downtown
An Interstate Overpass
An Interstate Off Ramp with the homeless
El Paso History Museum
A border crossing

You get the idea


I like your blog and think it adds something fresh and different from the others, keep it up! I do want to say that I think you're reading way into Mr. Rodriguez's decision to announce at Mayapan. Have you been there before? Do you even know what the facility offers? It's a great backdrop for anyone to use- stage, restaurant, ample parking. Sometimes people choose places for practicle purposes and not necessarily to send some underlying message.

That's great for Jose but how can he run an effective campaign and still do his job as County Attorney? I read his article today but I got to agree with the other guy Leeds, if you want something you should step down from getting a county tax payer pay check and go after your dream. Keeping one foot in the door while trying to put the other foot somewhere else just seems plain unethical. I know that the County Attorney's Office is a launching pad to political dreams and aspirations, but having the tax payers continue to pay your salary until you get it doesn't seem right. I hope the ethics committee really does stop that pratice with both the County Attorney and District Attorney employees.

perspective, mayapan still doesnt pay their bills very well and owes people all over town. bad place to go to announce, no matter what facilities they have there.

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