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November 02, 2009


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I hope you are able to point out corruption when/if it hits your "friends" at the taxpayer feedtub as well. Good article.

The elected positions in the county (and elsewhere for that matter) has been so drastically tainted that anyone who wants the position enough to run for it should be barred from having it. I would be just fine with taking a pool of names with people that have legit MBA degrees and pulling a name for judge and 4 more for commissioners out of a hat then pay them twice what they are making now just to get a clean slate of untainted people that are not smelly retreads.

Great article Dave and on point, now for the naysayers that post on the Strelz telling "Medina Dont do it" you can bet that Medina will once again reappear to defend himself as he always does when he is running for office, and you got Strelz all salavating his return?

Announcing his bid at Segundo, the corner of el chuco, Madriscal and ocho, or Chicos Tacos off of Reynolds will not change who he is, and what he is about. Larry took an idea that belong to someone else and adopted it as his own, and pushed it through and somehow he feels he championed something all his own? The only thing I have to say when Larry begins to debate his opponents, it's the same thing Whoopi said during Jumping Jack Flash...and that is ENGLISH LARRY SPEAK ENGLISH once you perfect your annuciations then maybe we can really understand what you want to do, because for years all we have been doing is really seeing what you have done. Nada vato, nada...sin fin...

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