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November 24, 2009


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Cesar Chavez was a great man and should be in our history books taught to our children.He raised up many people who our nation at the time turned a blind eye to and gave these people a voice.Also the Wright brothers did not invent the airplane but invented the means of improved controlled flight.Invention of heavier than air flight took place almost 50 years before the Wright brothers.You show how poorly educated young Amercans are these days.For example,Edison did not invent the incandescent light bulb but simply improved what had already been done years before by giving the light bulb a longer operating life.I sure you will take issue with my statements here but just maybe you will dig a little deeper and do some self educating of your own on historical issues and figures you seemed to be deficient and lacking in your knowledge base.


wrong on all accounts.

You don't seem to understand the difference between research and success.

Your reading comprehension is lacking as well. I didn't say Chavez shouldn't be in history books, I simply wrote that he shouldn't be on the same level as George Washington.

Maybe you should educate yourself on history.

Maybe you should learn a little more history. Swan in England invented the light bulb in 1860's.In fact Edison was not granted a patent by the U.S.government for the invention of the light bulb because his invention was to much like Swan's.
Second the first person to take to the air in a heavier than air aircraft was most likely Jacob Brodbeck right here in the great state of Texas.At Fort Sam Houston, in San Antonio—the birthplace of American military aviation—on the 75th anniversary of the arrival of LT Benjamin Foulois and the first US military airplane, a Wright type B, descendants of Jacob Brodbeck were recognized by Air Force historians for Jake’s contribution to manned, heavier-than-air flight. For Jake’s building and flying the first known airplane in world history.Brodbeck was no the only one that took to the air before the Wright Brothers.
As to Cesar Chavez this man got better working condition for farm workers and got laws passed to protect them.Also Cesar Chavez warned against allowing the undocumented workers coming to the U.S. in that it would drive down the wages of U.S farm Workers.
I guess because he did not became a millionaire and walk the halls of congress he is and was a failure in your eyes.
No I did not say Cesar Chavez was a Washington but believe his effort were historically note worthy to be taught to our children.
David you play the same game as Norma but cannot come to the understanding that Chavez stands as a standard of a Great American in the traditions and values that are the foundations of our great nation.
Maybe you need to brighten up sparky.
I maybe a dummy but you spout nonsense that simply shows your poor knowledge of history and your poor attempts at being a historical revisionary like Norma.
If I were your parents I would want a refund back for your college education.

Glomming on to one's "race" and "ethnicity" is pure simple-mindedness and very regressive thinking. 'Let's see, my ancestors were born on a certain pile of dirt so that means that I'd better embrace the same: music, food, politics, customs, language and clothes as other people that were born on the same pile of dirt.' How pathetic.

when you bring up DK's parents, you fall into the same lump of knuckleheads that don't know squat, thomas.


Hey David,

It is evident that your attempt to downplay Ethnic Studies is related to your continued fued with Rep. Chavez and her policies. Unfortunately, you taint your argument with personal feelings which dilutes your ability to build a solid conclusion around these subjective topics.

My brother, who lives out of town, read this piece and thought you were a straight out racist. I told him you were a good guy speaking from a perspective that is soaked with frustration due to our political environment.

I agree that some of us can get bogged down with our ethnic identity. But it's a process that we develop with the help of education. Children should know how some addressed social issues through activism, for it is part of the political process.

I understand your perspective but I would suggest that you build up your argument with a stronger objective. I know this is just a blog, but it would read better if you had a better understanding of your audiance.


I'm sorry your brother's intelect lacks in such a way that things he doesn't understand strike him as "racist." The witch hunt theme comes to mind again. People were deemed witches because others could not understand their them because they did not have the mental capacity to "think outside the box" to use a modern term.

Cesar Chavez did not do what he did for brown people, he did it for people working in a certain industry. He was not a race warrior - he was a class warrior. If you celebrate him in fourth grade, you have to celebrate the founders of the steel unions and car unions as well (succesful endeavors unlike Chavez's endeavor). You'd probably agree that fourth graders aren't ready to discuss the labor movement as a whole - whether it be the auto industry or the farm workers.

Please do not be yet another smart person who degenerates every single person to their ethnicity. Somehow we've made murderous criminals like Pancho Villa into heros for no better reason than racial idenity.

Norma Chavez is just plank in the fence that the "Chicano" movement is putting between them and all other Americans of every make and model. You are being sold a bill of goods if you think any one person is being banned from Texas public education. They're simply restructuring when certain subjects of historical significance get introduced.

I'm tired of talking about it. I've had dozens of emails from teachers about this blog post and they are all in agreement with me and glad I finally spoke up.

are any of those teachers hispanic ? or are they just gringas con nalgas prietas.


why do you assume all teachers are female? I would have no idea what ethnicity they claim. I don't ask, because I don't care. I do not measure people by the color of their skin or the origins of their ancestory. Apparently you do.

Is normaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa going to suppport the REPUBLICAN who is running against Rene Nunez in the state board of education race?So much for party unity.

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