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November 12, 2009


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thevote wrote: (on Topix)
most people that want reyes out are people that have move to el paso from the north and want their racist political views . Mr Reyes is a senior congressman and chair powerfull committee. If we would bring in a junior congresman or women into office we would have very little clout in washington but i guess all of you already know that .

My Reply
And there lies the problem - seniority over ability. The problem is not Reyes it is the system that Congress designed for itself through its Constitutional perogative to write its own rules and procedures.

That is the change that is needed.

First rule to change? Require that Congressional Earmarks be submitted as a stand alone appropriations request rather than buried in appropriation requests from executive departments.

Second rule to change: Remove the ability of Congressman to ADD to the amounts requested by an executive department - limit their role to approving, decreasing or rejecting appropriation requests.

Third Rule to Change: Ban the right to slip unrelated legislation into appropriations bills. Recent example - Hate Crimes Legislation added to a defense appropriations bill. Clearly an extortionist manner to pass this legislation.(If the support was there for the bill it would and should have stood on its own merits - not be included in a request that many would be loathe to vote against.

Reyes has served honorably if not effectively, it is time for a new perspective and approach.

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