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November 16, 2009


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I'm not sure I agree with you there K; I think Shap is a pretty good representative of the more elitist El Pasoan values, and of political survival. It's hard to really say that any El Paso official really espouses El Pasoan values, because so few El Pasoans vote on values. This, of course, is turning a blind eye to the regional corruption phenomenon... maybe El Pasoans value corruption?

I think if he is going to waste donor money at a statewide election, he should at least try for Lt. Gov. At least that position has more power than the gov.

Unfortunately he has no shot at either. In a state where McCain won by a lot, you cannot expect a Dem to win a statewide election thanks to the straight ticket vote here in this state. Unless the challenger is faced with some sort of huge corruption scandal I don't think the dems would be able to get a statewide position for the next four years.

Shapleigh is way too liberal, not in the middle, he supports a state income tax, and is pro choice. There is no way he would win in TX.

By the way this is coming from a supporter of shapleigh, but i'm a moderate dem and know he is way too liberal.

He was a great senator but his views are out of touch with the moderate republicans in TX to switch parties.

I agree with David, it will be great exposure for El Paso, but pretty much a waste of money.

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