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November 16, 2009


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Humble pie is the best flavor. Even off the face.

You are such a prick, and a small one at that, and sooo GRINGO! Leave Chicano politics to the Chicanos dude. Like Jaime Abeytia. He has already scooped you on what the rumblings are in the Chicano political world.

Your perspective and insight is boring ese and so wrong! The Chicanos will cut their own deal among themselves. Remember one thing Rodriguez IS that Shapleigh is not - CHICANO!

i have a feeling that Abeytia will have his own headlines in the local news/blogging world before the year is out.

don't get too excited about that Chicano being a player around here after that news is released.

Being a Chicano in El Paso politics is an oxymoron. Most are only Chicano by skin color and could careless about the integrity and moral obligation it requires to serve the community. Our people live in poverty with low educational attainment. Those are two issues that a Chicano politician should address in El Paso. The first Chicano politician who can mobilize this demographic and get it out to vote will be taking the first steps towards being a real Chicano politician. Otherwise, I think we have to be careful how we use the term Chicano and politics at the same time. Just because you're Chicano does not mean you represnet the demographic that is in most need.

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