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November 06, 2009


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Look,up in the sky. No, right on the ground helping ACORN commit more voter fraud like they've already done in at least 14 other states (typical neo-commie, anti-American Democrat) it's... it's...The Masked Stupido! It's almost a shame The Masked Stupido is leaving that "radio station" since he's already given us such mentally deranged, nut-job statements such as: 'According to my research, I have over 3 times as many listeners as GF.'or'The reason we have a Hispanic Chamber is because black people have been enslaved in America for 400 years.'or my favorite,'Mexicans speak better Spanish than Spaniards because of better genetics.' Now do you see why the sick whackaloon known as The Masked Stupido will (almost) be missed? I mean anyone who can get a few extra coins in their lawsuit by playing the racial discrimination card in a mostly Hispanic town has got to be "special." Well, Masked Stupido...Adios!

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