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November 10, 2009


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Where's the "open letter" referred to in your post?

Whenever one endeavors to prove himself superior to others by penning an intellectual writing, one should always proofread. Since you are not intellectual enough, I have done that for you. Do you not know that a "maid" is the only illegal alien that conservatives agree should be allowed to exist; and that the word "made" is the correct spelling in paragraph two? Some people chastise others because of dumb arguments and some criticize others for their dumb grammatical entries. Need I tell you where you fit in?


Thanks for pointing that out. It's tough to edit something you type out on your cell phone while waiting for a meeting to start. What's worse is that the phone prompts you to select a word after typing only two letters - I picked the wrong word while having the option to pick the right word!

Here's my beef...

When you want to chastise me for my grammar, you better be on top of your game. I wrote several paragraphs quite well on a cell phone. You managed to completely screw up one paragraph from your home computer. Let's see how you did.

In sentence one you do not use the word "writing" correctly given that you used the word "penning" just before that. Your attempt to turn "writing" into a noun is not completely wrong, just very awkward given you used the word "penning" right before it. We all know that "penning" s another word for "writing," and they kill your sentence when used together.

Your second sentence isn't a sentence at all. You misuse "intellectual" all together and the little abortion after the comma requires that I refer to a previous sentence in order to make sense of it. You must always answer the question of what you have done for me in the same sentence. Do not rely on your reader's memory to help you make your point.

Your third sentence features an extreme misuse of the beloved semicolon. That sentence is actually two sentences. One is a question posed to me. The other is the answer to that question. Try to use shorter sentences with concise objects and subjects.

The fourth sentences is missing the word "their" between "of" and "dumb."

Your final sentence is okay, but the use of the king's english is a little obnoxious considering your terrible use of the commoner's english previous to the closing.

You keep working on your writing and I promise to do the same!

UTEP needs a Quarterback.

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