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May 26, 2011


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Good thing Lilly has a mouthpiece to do her talking... So is it you or Mr Walker who is running for office? Mr. Walkers quite lengthy press release is just that, a wordy and lengthy tome with nothing but his opinion and hearsay to back it up... Oh yeah and Ness is a family lawyers not criminal. Just pointing it out cause the facts seem so important.
David, you took her to task for not filing a complaint if she knew something was wrong. Once she had the evidence she filed and now somehow she shouldn't have? The question is one of jurisdiction. It's a criminal offense and perhaps TEC Will allow local law enforcement to prosecute? Time will tell.
I myself am sickened that lilly, bullying again, is threatening to sue. She can add that to the dozens of other suits you can find on the county site. I for one am tired of hearing from lillys attorney. Just tell us to our face- in response to each of those documents we saw in the news why she thinks that is not an abuse of our trust? Her evasiveness with the El Paso Times and us the public is troubling.
Is Lilly going to ever address us or hide behind her lawyer and not answer her phone.


All of your questions are answered above. You must be a Ness supporter - you can't read.

Her lawyer explains how the criminal complaint is actually more ridiculous than the TEC complaint. Ness alleges that Lilly stole $.42 from the city of El Paso. I'm sure their pulling the FBI in on this one!

Ness got caught pulling a publicity stunt and now it's going to cost her. You can not misuse the legal system and get away with it.

Quick question. Is this Lily's lawyer's write up or do you have a legitimate link to TEC? Very interesting...although I do believe the law is outdated, the law is the law. Please provide the TEC link.

Texan justice,

The TEC rejected the claim on its face so I'm not sure they put anything out.

Mark Walker's info is so revealing about Nessy and her inability to understand and read the law. None of Nessy's supporters have yet to defend her against the $190,000+ (I understand she now owes money for tax year 2008) in UNPAID Federal Taxes; $33,000+ in UNPAID judgments against her for skipping out on paying her vendors. Instead you want to beat up on Ann Lilly because she won't return a reporters phone call - Really!?! Nessy has failed to articulate a competent, well thought out platform of what she will do for District 1 and the rest of the City of El Paso. She doesn't know because she doesn't care. She desperately wants to be elected to something and wants to "be somebody" and that's why she's running.

One can only wonder when you owe $190,000 in UNPAID federal taxes if one will be willing to be "bought" in order to pay down their debt. Voters - ask yourself that question.

I just wanted to throw the name out there! haha. How many Ness names can you come up with?

The TEC usually sends a written response to both the candidate/officeholder and the whiner/complainer that the complaint was not accepted.

TEC is not going to accept frivolous complaints. If they did they would be inundated with complaints like the one "Ness the Tax Evading Mess" filed or didn't file, every election.

A comment to "JamesW", a/k/a Attorney James W, clearly Ms. Lyda Ness (Garcia for the convenience of this election) did read the guidelines to file her comaplaint to the TEC. Clearly, she didn't read the fine print when she signed her name to certify her knowledge of the allegations against Ms. Lilly. Clearly, she conjured up this complaint as a publicity stunt.
Clearly, she is unethical and amoral.
I guess, Attorney JamesW, if you were not so PERSONALLY involved with LN(G?) you could see what we all see...TRASH!
LN(G?) has done nothing more than detract from the REAL issues and concerns of District 1 constitutants. LN(G?) has done nothing more than turn voters OFF with her witchery and tales of mystery and intrigue. LN(G?) needs to go back to WORK at her law practice and PAY her bills.

James (or is it Lyda or her campaign manager?), of course Rep. Lilly's attorney is addressing this issue. Lyda is an attorney so it only makes sense. As for the Times, they are a joke and have proven how biased they are so Rep. Lilly is correct in not speaking to them! Go post on Jaime's blog - he is the only one dumb enough to believe in Ness the Mess.

Texan justice is right. Walker's press release isn't a denial nor is a letter sent to Walker. Where is the TEC resolution they issued?
The TEC can reject a claim and allow you to amend it if the form or violation is incomplete or incorrect or they don't have jurisdiction and defer to local law enforcement. It doesn't mean the claim was rejected on the merits but on technicalities. Hardly a vindication.
Why don't you post the TEC document rather then the mouthpiece?
Besides where in the world is ann Morgan Lilly? Nowhere to be found.
Hiding like an old ostrich with her head in the sand.

Well you may not be a fan of Nessy but your a fan of someone who got nailed with a $140,000 judgment just last year?
Lilly's criminal record while in office is about to hit the fan I hear to as is baby Tres' half a dozen violent and criminal arrests including... Wait for it... An attempted rape! Nice son you got there! Maybe you should keep him off the David k blogs and get a real job rather then living off mommys trust fund.
Guess you all missed every forum Lilly actually did attend where she flip flopped and .... Ummed and uhhhhed.... And all the other candidates including Ness ran circles around her with actual platforms, knowledge, vision and energy. Hell even that Asbury woman who was clueless had a better grasp of issues.
If ness has no platform then Lilly shouldn't hide and run scared.


You're lying and that's slander. Your IP will be posted because you fail to tell the truth. I hope it's used to sue you. You deserve it,

Ness has no platform. She only slings mud. The lady is totally crazy and I feel sorry for ANYONE that is fooled by her. She is like Caballero - VERY SCARY because they are so crazy.

As for you, Peter aka Ness the Mess and camp, you are full of caca. David already proved the settlement. And throwing around poop about someone's child is totally uncalled for. Whether the allegations are true or not have not baring on Ms. Lilly. I hope you get struck by a lightening bolt!

David: post "Peter" IP address for all the world to see.

Peter's IP is He's posting under a plethora of names on this blog to include cameron and James W today alone.

"Texican Justice" is someone who has called themself "Sylvia Campa" and "Dumb and Dumber" "James S" "(R)"
and a myriad of other names.

It appears that a total of three IPs are responsible for all of the pro-Ness comments and I suspect the same is true for other boards.

If Ness had as many real supporters as she does fake commentors, she wouldn't haven standing out there by herself yesterday.

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