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April 23, 2012


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Despite any threats that may be forthcoming (she is a private citizen ya know) please, please keep posting about this train wreck.
As a Republican, she is a dream come true. She is the polarizing figure. It is wonderful to read her tear down other prominent Democrat women. It is perfect because she saves us a lot of work. We no longer have to waste our time exposing the local democrat party for the hypocrites that they are. This wonderful, inclusive pro-woman party has "leaders" who make fun of each other based on Clothing choices?!? This former elected "feminist" official calls out others for being Gay (as if that were a negative) and basically refers to other "Latina" officials as c-you-nts. They tear each other down, happily exposing criminal records and coming up with cruel nicknames. What a wonderful party of hope and change!
Carry on Mr. Karlsruher, carry on!

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