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April 26, 2012


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I normally don't agree with everything you say, but this time you are right on everything. Geographically, logistically, an Arena downtown is too close to Juarez. Now that we see how bad of assholes we have at UT system we probably do need something for ourselves where we don't have to rely on the Sun Bowl. Put it on the West or North East near the loop and not downtown. Knock all the other "pork" off the Bond Issue like the trolley car and lower the amount of the Bond Issue to a frugal amount that would be good for the city and good for the taxpayer.

Maybe the UT system thought that the liability was too great...if anyone got hurt or if there WAS any kind of violence they could get sued and they were trying to minimize their risk...

Well let's hope that any relatives to any drug cartel members don't want to go to a UTEP football game or the Sun Bowl. What will we do then????

Problem is there is no threat.

I am beginning to think that some high dollar Houstonian or San Antonio person decided there was no way in hell the fight was going to happen in El Paso and pulled strings through buddies on the UT regents board and got it cancelled. Its all about money not security threats.

DHS said there was a threat. They are the big dog over everyone else. UT made a decision based on that threat. That's it.

I view this like I do the folks from Juarez who have moved their families into El Paso for safety. I don't blame them. They're running for their lives and doing the best they can for their families. What does bother me, is that depending on who they are running from, they can still be targeted here and it's my neighborhood they have moved into for safety. I'm a peaceable person who doesn't borrow trouble, but now I have to be concerned about the safety of my family. All it takes is one wrong address, one mistaken identity and an innocent bystander is dead.

In this case, the onus lies with the fighter who has chosen to put himself and consequently, those around him in harms way. I completely understand that love is blind and I could care less if he's dating Madonna or a drug lord's daughter. What he doesn't get is the right to put innocent bystanders in the line of fire too. I have no doubt, he looked at the proximity of the Sun Bowl to Juarez as the closest who could get to attracting his Mexico fan base to the event, while having the advantage of US laws and security.
For those who've been to fights or concerts in the Sun Bowl, you realize that you have a very different set up than regular games. For these events, seating goes all the way down to the ring and can be difficult to monitor. It's a pretty good set up for someone wanting to cause some chaos. The UT Chancellor made a prudent decision. In all likely, nothing would have happened, but he doesn't need the headlines and lawsuits if something did. And in court, the only standard leading to billions of dollars in liability settlements was "did you know there was a potential danger?". The relationship with the daughter in law is a potential problem.

Bunch of fucking assholes...

Does UT not know that UTEP enrollment of Students is Juarez...it belongs to them the only thing they need is to move the boundary line. Once they renovate Asarco...they can relocate closer to their College...what's the big deal?

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