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May 22, 2012


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The main point of the story is not the exit poll results, it is the fact that high school students conducted it according to normal poll procedures. Duh

Professor Higgins,

Really? So they put a large graphic showing their adherence to polling procedures next to the article? Nope.

They put the results. And what "polling procedures" are we talking about.

I hope that comment was sarcasm.

A good question is would the El Paso Times have used the exit polls if it were unfavorable for their candidate, O'Rourke!

EPT doesn't have the money to pay for any exit polling. Better to use the freebie regardless of the process - Voters don't care! Kudos to the kids - but people lie to pollsters. Done all the time. DavidK is right that most people will be more honest in a telephone poll than in person. If you can get anyone to answer their telephone! I glanced at the article, but as a long time 100% voter I would not have given any merit to the CHS poll results because I know how the game is played and the cynical side of me saw this as a assignment from some government teacher for extra credit - or a way to get out of the final exam - and yes I did graduate from CHS many, many years ago.

I bow before thee!

According to his campaign expense reports, Congressman Reyes conducted a poll, but he didn't make the results public. I wonder why.

Maybe I'm naive, but I don't see why it's a big deal. Indications of a close election should just make the candidates' supporters want to vote. Congressman Reyes supporters act like they just found out there is no Santa Claus, or that the emperor is naked. They blame the Times because they don't like the results.

A better question (for Gossip Girl) is would the Reyes supporters have been upset if the poll had shown Reyes ahead?

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