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May 30, 2012


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Give some props to the Coronado students that you bagged on. They were almost right on the money with their numbers.

Don't think repub crossovers were there in the quantity u think. The drug legalization is a vote killer for repubs. If Beto had come out pro-life and second amendment...possibly. Probably mostly new voters and independents. 08 elections set the tone for this one with new voters.

So no need to ever hire a professional pollster again in El Paso! CHS saves the day - better than Ruel Group at polling! OMG - quit school CHS students - start your own polling company! Yeah - some kudos to CHS kids giving up 2 Saturday's of their busy life. I trust Ruel Group more than I would high school or college kids. Had Ruel Group or any other professional polling firm been given the same opportunity bet they would have come up with the exact same results. But if EPT can get it for free - what choice do you think they will make?

It was Congressman Reyes' race to lose. His people just didn't work for it. And as far as Beto is concerned, the saying is that people go to Washington to do good and they stay to do well. Only time will tell.

100%, change your handle to 100% asshole.
Those kids did something you never would have at their age.
And when faced with a 'suck it up' moment because your horse lost, you act like a monkey in a cage and throw shit at a bunch of kids instead of looking askance at your crappy candidate and his crappy showing at the polls.
For god's sake, crawl back into your hole o'ass and lick your wounds in private.
The rest of us have grown up things to talk about.

Pretty sure I know who 100% voter is and they are a Beto fan. I think they were making light of the fact that the Times is cheap and touted that.

I did say from the very beginning that since it was going to be a close race their numbers would be appear correct even if they didn't do things as the professionals do. Good for them - but in a wider race they would have gotten it wrong. Believe it or not - tight races are the easiest to get right even when you do things wrong.

CV - I am a 100% Beto supporter! So eat your words. I went to high school in the wild days of the 60s and 70s when we were having fun with free love, drugs and peace rallies. We didn't care about elections - that was so "establishment".

Looking forward, it is now a very interesting situation for this 83% Mexican-American community where the Democrat political establishment now must decide to either back the silver spooned rich white guy Democrat or the accomplished Latina Republican. Will the Reyes old base of supporters crossover to deny Robert O'Rourke? Will the various factions of El Paso Democrat party groups fall in line? Will the state and national Republican party recognize an opportunity and devote resources to capture a long Democrat seat? Will the local old guard Republicans step up or will O'Rourkes father in law, Bill Sanders, keep them in line? Are we going to have an honest debate on liberal vs conservative ideas and which one actually works for the people? The next few months will be a civics lesson! Too bad we don't have an honest and competent newspaper. What a delimma for Jaima the blogger and the KHRO radical Mexicans who push ethnicity at every turn. White Male Democrat or Mexican-American Female Republican? What now?

That would be hilarious Gossip Girl if the Reyes voter turned around and voted for Carrasco. The Reyes votes plus the Republican total vote plus those anti Beto or Reyes votes(Jerome votes) would give Carrasco a win by 2 Grand plus. The Deadbeat is already crying about it on his blog and saying the same ole get behind Beto and pull the ole Demo switch. I dont think it could be pulled off because i dont think its even in Norma Chavez's or Strelz's blood to vote for a Republican, but it sure would be funny if that happened. Bill Sanders would probably have a heart attack.

I normally vote Republican and there is no way in hell I would vote for Carrasco. She is just too weird for me. But if the hispanic democrats don't vote straight ticket there is a chance Carrasco could win. Female Hispanics most always vote for female hispanic candidates. Female Hispanics vote in greater numbers than male hispanics. Gossip Girl asked a lot of good questions. Should be interesting in November.

Could never vote for Beto. Could never vote for a person's whose political heroes are Eliot and Ray Caballero. Im not Republican, but Carrasco has my vote.

well there is always the libertarian candidate to vote for.

Great observations. Kudos to Gossip Girl. @ go Beto, by your logic, Mexican chicks are already stupid, they won't be able to distinguish between "Beto" and "Carrasco." But David, is there anything in El Paso that doesn't have Norma's powerful charm-- or "mano negra" as the case might be? I think your momma or Mexican maid read you too many bogey man stories. And basing your assertion on "your friends" who seem to e-mail you all the time, would earn you an F from that T-bird teacher who graded the teenagers' polling homework. (by the way, Reyes country here all the way... voting for Carrasco; in fact, just sent her $100 today since it was pay day).

And I wouldn't pay much credence to what the deadbeat blogger guy has to say. The only ones who put value into his blithering, grammatically abhorent idiocies are Darren Hunt, Bobbie Boy Moore and the EP Dumbocrats.

I'm surprized that pompous-assed Reyes lasted this long, considering that several years ago he said in regards to supporting democrats, 'El Paso needs to vote democrat in larger numbers and to give more money to the party.' I don't need some jackball telling me who to vote for or even to vote. And I sure as hell don't need anyone telling me to give them money.

Congratulations needs to go out to Norma Chavez for batting an "impressive" 8 out of 18 picks. Way to remind everyone how irrelevant and foolish you continue to be. Given the fact that you're ALMOST as intelligent as a quarter being flipped, means that I've slightly underestimated her. I can't decide what makes her even more ridiculous: The fact that she recently implied that Obama's policies are fiscally sound, or that she continues to write on her blog racially-chipped garbage such as, 'A white guy with a brown nickname...a brown guy with a white nickname.' She truly is sick.

Finally, I found it disturbing that Reyes never mentioned what he plans on doing for E P if he gets re elected, or that Beto twice mentioned on his election website that he believes in term limits, but has yet to be specific as to the # of terms/years an official should be re elected. Ok, I can sense that I've already given more intelligence that this group can handle, so I'm shutting it down...for now.

It allows the bacteria to produce human growth hormone.
. . Human growth hormone (HGH) is medically used to
treat dwarfism. Before bacteria made HGH, animal growth hormones
were used, but there were problems including expense.
. . Research scientists at Stanford and the University of California at San Francisco inserted the HGH gene into bacteria to see if the
hormone could be harvested directly. It could be.
This was the first commercial product of Genentech, the biotech company.
. . The next product from the company was human insulin made by bacteria.

Before recombinant DNA, insulin was taken from cows and sheep in the
slaughter houses. But these animals did not produce human insulin.

When the human insulin was produced by bacteria, it was
much more effective and safer.

Well then, that settles it! The next election, I'm voting for bacteria. (the lesser of two evils)

WaytoSmart, Beto's term limits comment reminded me of when he said that their shouldn't be voting booths at churches and that city employees and county employees shouldn't be able to vote where they work. In other words, everyone would all be the same and have to go to the fire stations to vote. Thing is he never put it on the agenda. Why ? Same thing with this term limits bull. As long as he is in office he wont bring the issue up. His first actions will be to try and get a veteran's hospital so he can get the military vote and then ask for the bridge at Jarbrough so he can get daddy in law's money again in 2 years. Norma would find out real quick whether she is relevant or not if she could swing the Reyes vote to Carrasco. I don't think she can which would mean she isn't relevant. Oh, and I'm voting for the White Chick with the Mexican last name instead of the White Irish boy with the name the illegal maid probably gave him.

I believe the Texas Legislature is the body that would impose term limits on U.S. House of Representatives from Texas and U.S.Senate representatives from Texas. The legislation does not originate in DC. So if we are all serious about term limits for our federal reps then start the process in the Texas Legislature in 2013. Bet know one will do it - we all talk but we do not act. Wonder if the El Paso delegation will have guts enough to bring the subject up. Probably not - might affect them and the number of terms they could serve. Technically the Primary vote Tuesday was a "term limit" for Reyes.

I decided to root for Beto after he stated he would consider a voluntary decrease in pay if elected. Reyes never answered our questions this entire campaign season.

It is going to be easier for the Dems to blame Republicans for this loss instead of looking within at their immature pettiness and rude behavior. Reyes did not separate his ties to Corruption, did not attend enough public forums and never answered direct policy questions. Bringing up the DWI was a stupid decision. Most of us who have made mistakes saw it as a judgmental holier than thou statement by the Reyes camp.

I heard many Dems say that the local Ron Paul movement was for nothing even though 1000 diverse people showed up to see him despite no promise of mariachis, fajitas, or cash prizes. These very people turned up for Beto. Many felt Romney is the presumptive nominee and the local Republican convention had already selected a slate which includes Paul supporters. Therefore, the best thing was to vote to make a change at the local level.
The local Democratic Party has no chance of courting these independent voters. They are not issue based. They are not friendly or welcoming. Their victimization politics of the world owes me because I am brown and you should forgive other brown people when they break the law by crossing the border illegally are not appealing. Their Raza cries and El Pauso pronunciations are cheesy.

The Independent vote is going to take over and it is going to be every candidate for themselves. Fantastic!

I agree Victoria. Bringing up the DWI and Susie spanking was stupid. Now If he had brought up Beto pissing on our vote on the domestic partner issue more often that might have helped him. The gay community was voting for Beto anyway, but many El Pasoans might have remembered that Beto helped overturn the vote and thus helped cause the recall. As a matter of fact, if his term wouldn't have been up his name would have been on the recall list with Susie, Steve, and Cook. El Pasoans don't like their votes overturned. No matter what.

I'm reluctantly against term limits because a more effective way of getting a better government is to encourage people to start getting informed (for a change) before they vote. Sorry for the crazy talk. My bad. There is some good news. I've had an indepth conversation with "bacteria", and it agreed that I should be its campaign manager for the '14 election. Here's some campaign slogans I'm already considering: "If you give me chance, I guarantee I'll grow on you!" "Hey, at least I'm not cancer." And, "I have no problem with anyone putting me under a microscope, literally." However, I have a feeling that my candidate will run anything BUT a clean campaign.

Victoria Nevarez, if you find an issue or an ideology floating around, hang on to it. Your ability to speak out of both sides of your mouth-- usually cringe-worthy idiocies betrays you as a classic El Paso ignoramus who hopes to impress the small circle of in-bred friends that she's worldly. Do you even know Dr. Paul is from Texas. There is a big world outside of El Paso and its citizens are not anywhere close as full of shit as you are.

How did you know my friends are in-bred? Stalker!

If Romney asked Paul to be his running mate I believe it would help. It would get those Perot type voters that think the Government spends way to much and those independents that realize Obama has spent use into even more debt than Bush. I don't think The elite "Repubicans" would let it happen though because of their stupid ego's. I hate to say it, but the Dems are thinking that way. They are looking at dumping Biden for Hillary because they think that might get the independent vote. They know Obama is gonna need help and Hillary might help in the same way that Paul would help Romney.

Prodigy, Victoria's friends couldn't be any more inbred than anyone in East Texass, but I bet you sure do have a purty mouth.

my mouth is just lovely Will. Wanna kiss it? But yes, a business mogul and a free-markets libertarian who's against civil rights? match made in heaven!Don't think it will happen. Romney will annoint token boy Rubio or Martinez (as in Susana la tejana). All those Hispanic chicks will vote for Martinez because of her name or Rubio because he's hot.

victoria is not an idiot. she's willing to use her real name to express her views. I deeply respect her for that and you should too.

You don't know Victoria Nevarez.

No Beto = Norma worthless loser Chavez... Her nicknamiming mamby pamby makes me want to puke.. Especially when she refers to a cup of coffee as "cafecito".... While speaking English... Norma needs to get a life..put a "forkesito" in her her.. She's done...esito!!

There is already a group of important Democrats who are publicly stating their support for Carrasco.

If you are already selected as a delegate to the State Convention for your political party can your status be placed in Jeopardy if you are actively donating, volunteering and working for a candidate of the opposite party?

For example, the El Paso GOP told the delegates who are Ron Paul supporters that it is okay if they work for him and advocate for him because he is still currently a Presidential nominee for the Republican Party. But they are expected to follow the state's decision and back Romney once an official decision is made. I can't imagine they would be ok if all of a sudden delegates started working for a Democrat in any race. Would the local Dems have the same rules?

Just wondering.

Norma Chavez is still ranting about Beto's win, blaming it on Repubicans. Democrats voted for Beto, against Reyes. She is insulting every Democrat who voted for Beto, as though they have no right to decide for themselves. Her ego is unbelievable. She thinks she is the QUEEN of her party and that all Democrats MUST obey her.

There will always be some crossover voting, as it should be. Voters have the right to vote for whomever they want and crossover goes both ways. 70% of Americans are in the middle of the far left and the far right. We can think and decide for ourselves about every race and every candidate. Party before country people like Norma have joined a cult for life and thinking is not allowed.

Just a hunch that I get from hearing her tone on the radio, but I believe that Norma will run against Beto if he wins in Nov.

Mark your calendar, by Aug 2013 she will declare her candidacy for the 2014 primary.

P.S. I happily crossed over and voted Democrat! Woo hoo!

I happily crossed over & voted Democrat. Convinced a couple other people who were tired of Reyes to do the same. Hopefully he has embarrassed El Paso for the last time!

norma cannot win county wide.

What's more pathetic: The two Presidental Dancing Bears not being able to 'git er done', the 11th hour (5/25) hatchet-job that kvia tried to pull on Beto by reporting that allegedly "Billy Sanders" called "someone" from the station asking them to vote for Beto and also implying that Beto and/or his volunteers have some magical list of just E P republicans and that they called people from this list to vote for him - given the fact that Beto, his volunteers, or anyone from the public has never claimed that they told, or were told by anyone to vote for him if they aren't a democrat is more than just shotty reporting from that "news" organization known as kvia. Or how about nut-job Norma once again showing off her racist garbage by proudly displaying the 'aztlan' symbol on her blog. One can realistically conclude that she must be embracing the notion that her "people" should conquer the southwest because it's the 'fair and just' thing to do. Fortunately and not surprisingly, a vast majority of hispanics don't embrace this sick, twisted, racially-charged and outdated screwy crap. At this point, Norma couldn't get elected to assistant dog-catcher in precinct # 952.

Remember boys and girls. Friends don't let friends drink and opine on blogs. Take the keyboard, and encourage them to sleep it off.

David as usual you are right to a point! Shows that the arrogance of some candidates does not do so well, sometimes. It was reyes time to go.

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