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May 23, 2012


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The El Paso Times is too busy investigating YISD for piddling (50K is nothing to taxing entity)projects and EPISD for due process for student thugs and why they can't get kids from Juarez, who speak no English, to pass the state test.

what is even more sad is this 23 year old Barraza running for state rep, Lost in Space, this little clueless kid!!!

Not only has Barraza not voted nor held a job, he is being backed by the "Godfather of El Paso Democrats" Paul Moreno. Now why would such a staunch Democrat support a candidate whose father was the past President of El Paso's Republican Party? Some type of payback or still a sore loser?

What year did Aaron Barraza father hold the offfie of President (Chairman) of the El Paso Republican Party?

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