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May 01, 2012


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That's only a fraction of the savings realized now that the building has burnt to the ground. Now a new building can go up without worries from those wanting to save old buildings that are fire traps.

If you want to fix downtown you have to start all over from the ground up. So bring in the wrecking ball

I agree. If you ever want downtown to look like the Dover Kohl renderings you gotta get rid of the tacky, nasty old buildings downtown. Its cheaper to tear down and rebuild than to deal with asbestos remediation, lead paint, etc on an old, ugly building.

I agree that he did a nice thing, David. But let's not doubt this generous decision was about good PR and business. Again, I appreciate what he did but I'd like to know if he would vote to raise taxes on his properties to assure there are fire fighters to use that new equipment? His paying for the clean-up should not be applauded as much as expected of all property owners.

I'm sorry but where I am thankful for his efforts, I don't know the man and I'm skeptical of his motivations.

I just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I like it when people take un-serious things very seriously and vice versa. There's actually more analysis in the snark than there is in the 'real news.' Also, we're getting a good look into your personality without you coming out and saying, 'this is me.' Good stuff.

Your blog is the best!
Let's tear down all the old buildings and go to France to check out some old building. Nothing says hush husk like 100K.

sometimes it seems better to be a simple and ignorant person

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