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June 20, 2012


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What about the other school districts in the City of El Paso?

Will some tax payers pay city tax for the current EPISD and also pay taxes to their independent school district (Ysleta, Socorro, ...) ?

Does anyone think that City Council is more competent than the school boards?

Exhibit 1: New York City and Chicago public schools are under the auspices of the mayors and city councils.

Exhibit 2: The annual budget of EPISD is upwards of $1.5 Billion from it's various funding sources. Do your really want to hand city council that kind of cash to waste? You think Garcia had a party??? just imagine the good time that our local politicos could have?

Exhibit 3: Nearly every person indicted not only had their hands in the every other coffer in town, but every single school district in town....

Exhibit 4: You are correct - education has nothing to do with educations or the best interests of children. Its all about how to divie up the loot provided by the taxpayer.

There may be a point for breaking it up into smaller, more manageable entities that are withing the abilities of typical unpaid, part-time school board members. However, when politicians get involved in the muck, especially politicians of the caliber that you find in El Paso, forget about that formula. It's like mixing ammonia and bleach! Just think about the government body that throws 1/2 million on "promoting" a losing boxing event, pays triple for a commercial real estate property, dishes out another 1.5Mill for a parking garage and thinks it's "fair" because they'll need it (that's like my teen daughter wanting to spend $10k on a nose job because good looks will be good for her future... or something like that). Point being, these people have no common sense, much less business sense. Put them at the help of a government body subjected to all sorts of state and federal rules and of course, huge budgets and constant decision making and managing of risks and you think they can do a good job? please. Oh then there's the politics and the rancourous cesspool that is El Paso politics (which let's not kid ourselves, is what motivates the sudden concern about Bowie kids who have languished for decades). Who wants their kids subjected to Shapleighites and whatever the other factions are. Who wants to pay taxes to fund that sorry spectacle

I've been say this for a while on the comments on El Paso Times. You can control and find corruption when it is a much smaller entity. Let Franklin, Coronado, with Canutillo(already there), Bowie, and Jefferson go to the Canutillo school district. That spreads out the money more with concern to property tax values. El Paso High, Austin, Andress, Chapin, Irvin, Sunset High, Telles Acadamy, and Transmountain Early College High School. The split could be different to make sure property values average out, but anything is better than the Giant we have now. I could even see a 3 way split of the district, but the west side has the highest property values so letting them be on their own would never go.
Either this or you tell Wilson to resign from City Manager and let her go run EPISD.

let's face it "right." Franklin and CHS subsidize the rest of EPISD, except maybe that part of the westside that goes to El Paso high. they'll never let that cash cow go to Canutillo... although CISD would love it I'm sure.

but hey, you can always drown your sorrows at the new ballpark facing the most dangerous neighborhood in Juarez

You need to check the relationship Bob Moore is fostering publicly with elected officials. It's blatant. Some could say it is a bad thing but I can see that it is surely helping to shape the direction and views being developed and promoted within the empowered progressive movement that is driving the bus. The convicted and accused of corruption are done. So if Moore is going to be part of the movement and direction it proves that Veronica Escobar was not kidding when she told voters "You Need The Media By Your Side". She said that many times. So stand by and see how this relationship pans out for the overall outcome of our current social and political direction.

Bob Moore attends all their soirees and has lunch frequently with the lady with those horrible curtain dresses.

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