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June 29, 2012


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People in D.C. have no room to be thowing stones at anyone. The last day of visiting the capitol, we were waiting for AMTRAC to get back to Baltimore. A train had de-railed and our Train back was delayed for 3 hrs. So much for Public Transport.


Well, that's what happens when you rely on the government to get you around.

I don't know how that compares to the cartel thing, but thanks for sharing.

And I actually live in Arlington, VA - a former Joyce Wilson community and rather awesome one at that.

What does riding the AMTRAC got to do with an elected official pleading guilty to drug charges? Seriously Abel stay on the subject!

This is just another "success" story to add to our economic development playbook that we distribute to potential companies wanting to re-locate. It is disturbing - even though most all of El Paso knew deep down Gandara was not an honest individual.

Just goes to show how the voters in the Lower Valley/Socorro/San Elizaro/Clint are manipulated into voting for "kings". And just exactly what did Gandara (and before Teran) do for their area? Don't mention the Tornillo POE - that doesn't count for quality of life.

I guess they did not ask you about the whole Sunland Park debacle because they thought it was a "Mexico" story! If they do, please tell them that have no influence in our local government, hell, the voters do not have an effffect on the local government, except for the "official" elections.

How Awesome for you to be able to reside in one of Joyce Wilsons Community. Oh Please, what drivel and feeble minded ambitions.Sad for your Family.

vero you obviously don't get out much do you?

Only with Latina Women,you have issues.You owe it to your Family to address those issues you seem to have with Latina Women.Somehow I dont think Vero has your same ambitions to go live in the same Awesome Community as Joyce Wilson.Somehow in your warped mentality you derived that Vero doesnt get out much.Silly.

Not all is tranquil in Mayberry-Arlington, VA. Watch out for those MS-13 and Zeta dudes.

I'd would just answer those D.C. folks with two words: Marion Barry.

It's not "spillover" we're worried about. Of course there are Mexican drugs in El Paso. Just like there are Mexican drugs in Arlington. What we don't have much of in El Paso is "spillover violence." So far Gandara hasn't been accused of cutting anyone's head off.

I'd tried to "like" Lenny Bruce's comment ... apparently I need to venture of Facebook every once in a while. Anyway, good point, Lenny.

Saying Gandara was "in with the cartel" is silly. He was no more in with the cartel than the college kids selling bags of weed out of their dorm rooms. Neither are right or OK, but neither are on the cartel's payroll.

Compared to what's going on in Mexico, the Gandara situation is child's play. But that should not be the bigger worry for El Pasoans. By every measure, the public corruption problem is far bigger in scope and importance. We, the people, allowed it. We, the people, can clean it up.

Amtrak is not run by the city.

Just as I have been saying for a couple of years. Most people, out of state, have no idea of where El Paso is located. They only know what they read or hear about it.

And do what they read, corrupt officials in record numbers, corrupt school systems, corrupt nursing home, nonprofits stealing from the people they're supposed to help. And if that wasn't enough, we had a city council member, proudly, providing a whore house tour of the city, even knew prices and specialities of each house. That tour was published internationally.

Yes,they had Marion Barry. But that doesn't even compare to the mass corruption here. Perhaps the crime hasn't spilled over, but the practices have.

And what solution does the city have. If we built a stadium and trolley, industry and families will ignore everything else and move here.

El Paso had it's own drug dealers and own drug busts long before the cartel wars started in Juarez.

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