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June 04, 2012


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Posted to Burnt Orange Report: June 4: 3:00pm

Could the 2024 Presidential Race have begun in the 16th District of Texas?

At the cost of censure, I’ll venture to post a political thesis addressed to the respective democratic candidate for the 16th District, United States House of Representatives, where the ramifications contained in it do in fact lead to the 2024 Presidential Race because of the ambitious nature of the author. Naturally, this is strictly conjecture, but if the outcome in 2014 in the 16th District then is negative to the current democratic candidate because of factors contained in the thesis Texas could once again be host to a winning Presidential Race as it was with Governor Bush and Senator Johnson. Let’s all bend our heads and hold our hats as we make our way West.

It may be of considerable interest to you personally to consider the fundamentals facts before you.

1. In the race of 2008 of the total vote casted, though the percentage wasn’t equal to that received by you, in quantitative value it was equal to yours.
2. Its value was 18274.
3. This was obtained with no more than the cost of the fee to file.
4. I also attended all of the possible venues of participation available.
5. However, I made no effort to pursue any individual at home as you claim you have.
6. In the race of 2006, I initially qualified for the ballot with the submission of greater than 600 registered voters.
7. In 2014, again I will qualify for the ballot on the Democratic ticket with the submission of a greater number that I will obtain beginning in March of next year with the assistance of others.
8. When the campaign begins, I will make state of mind the first issue as it seems it is when in the exuberance of your retreat from a responsible position in government you fell over yourself.
9. I’ve received the tacit approval of the El Paso County Democratic machinery to pursue this task.
10. In fact, I anticipate financial resources from it.
11. The chairmanship of the party has changed significantly as of two days ago.
12. I ought to be able to obtain from you the Republican vote as I currently sit as Republican Precinct Chair for the 37, a simple resignation will relieve me of it.
13. A great number of democrats in the east of the county will welcome this position in their response to my name.
14. There can be no doubt by any in the booth of its origins.
15. The independents by definition are independent.
16. I anticipate your presence in the nation’s capital will surely be wanting, as I suspect you haven’t any genuine interest in our government, nor do I suspect you understand its concept.
17. My family is impeccable with respect to the law.
18. I am a faithful American Catholic, who can be found receiving the Eucharist at Sacred Heart.
19. I am Jesuit oriented in belief having received an undergraduate degree, cum laude, from them at the University of San Francisco, allowing me to attend their law program at Georgetown University.
20. The issues will, I suspect, become real, as the media will want to pursue these issues, unlike their reluctance to do so now.
21. I comprehend domestic and international political issues, favoring in most cases labor.
22. Whatever legal pretences exist will prove to be unsubstantiated.
23. I have a purpose.
24. This exchange will be posted.


President United States House of Representatives 16 District

You know, I only moved here 2 years ago. I am a Soldier at Ft Bliss. This is also, admittedly, the largest city I have ever lived in. I have visited a few others (New York, DC, Detroit and Dallas) and they all seem to have their own issues, especially in local politics. But I have never heard of such a blatant disregard for the mass of constituents as I have heard in this town.

When I moved here I was hit with the mantra that El Paso is a big city with a small town attitude. Well, from a small town guy you people have no idea what that means. IMO there is a very good possibility that this is the nastiest town in the United States (barely). The locals are EXTREMELY rude, the local politicians are morally bankrupt and the level of education here seems to mirror that of our Mexican neighbor to the south. I can cite several examples of driving on I-10 or simply shopping at Wal-Mart, where the people are so rude I want to scream.

This weekend I was at my home, a very quiet, brand new neighborhood in the Northeast. One of my neighbors was having a party. As with all of the parties in this neighborhood it was quiet and friendly. I walked out front to notice that one of their guests had parked in front of my house, completely blocking my driveway. I have a 5 year old at home. Can you imagine that if, God forbid, he had an accident and I had to rush him to the hospital only to find my car blocked in? What ensued was that I went to my neighbor’s house twice and they asked all of their guests if anyone owned the car. No one admitted to owning the car, so I called the police. A police officer showed up within 10 minutes and began a house to house search looking for the owner. As it turns out, the owner was in the home next to the ones having the party, a young man in his very early 20s. I queried him as to the "what ifs". What if the 5 year old had an accident? What if I had done this to him at his home? He replied with a series of excuses about how he had a hard time finding the place and once he did, he gave no regard to where he parked. I told him that his excuse was poor at the very least and that his actions were very rude. Shortly after, one of the female members at the home (a guest, not the owner) started mocking me for calling the police, saying that it was "not such a big deal". Later, the owner, whom I have met a couple of times came to my home and apologized for his guests behavior. I assured him that there were no hard feelings.

This seems to me the typical attitude of the people of El Paso. If you think that the people here have a "small town attitude", you should visit a small town for a couple of months. You will realize how rude and disrespectful the population is here. Fortunately for me, I have recently come down on orders for a small town in Germany, where I am sure that the population truly does have a "small town attitude". I apologize for such an extensive post, however, the people of El Paso truly need to get your heads out of your asses and realize how defunct your city truly is.

Anyone that stupid/careless/and really stupid should not be a Chancellor. If there is a God, then someone needs to find a way to fire this Chancellor. I'm surprised that I'm the only one screaming for his head.

Beto, before spending zillions of $ and making peoples live's miserable in the Yarbrough area, how about you use your newfound magical legislative superpowers to hire 8-12 border bridge guards for six months to see if that noticably eases up congestion. You see Beto, that is what's known as common sense.

Mike Armstrong, owner of the 3 Legged Monkey, has filed for bankruptcy now. Beto will be better than anything Reyes was. UT Chancellor did have the last laugh, the ass.

WAYtooSMART, Beto doesn't use common sense. Well, let me rephrase that. Beto uses common sense because he knows he cant get elected or re-elected without Bill Sanders money. If Bill says he wants a bridge at Yarbrough then that will be first on Beto's agenda when he gets in office. It wont matter if the people who live around Yarbrough want it or not. 8-12 border bridge guards would help, but make all the lines fully open about 4 A.M. instead of 2, then 4 lines at 6 and then 8 lines at 8 because the bottleneck was created at 4 a.m.. Our border agents almost have bankers hours.

Just a correction.

The Airport owns the land and it's money from airport coffers but still it's a royal screwup.

When I read the EPT story on Newspaper Tree, I knew I had to come directly here! David, you did not disappoint on hitting the high notes of "news."

I'm still waiting to hear more about EPISD's shenanigans... Did they end up approving a contract with a public relations firm to improve their image? Hahahaha!! Good times.

Allen, I don't disagree with a lot of your points. Sorry people are assholes, but keep in mind that a lot of the "locals" you're dealing with also include a LOT of military and a LOT of YOUNG military and that comes with its own benefits and costs to the residents of this city.

No strings: No EPISD has not signed a PR contract with anyone. You still have time to e-mail each Trustee and tell them what you think about the idea. EPISD.Org has the has the e-mails for all Trustees under the tab "Board" - I think.


the city owns the airport... it's city money. it's city land.

No Strings,

I absolutely concur with you. I have had several dealings with rude and misbehaving Soldiers as well...having been in the military for quite some time. I was more referring to the general attitude of the population here being rude and lazy. And it is a general view...not everyone is rude and lazy.

I was trying to mirror the post before I got on a rant about the young man that I had an issue with this weekend. The thing with Hawkins and the CVNA boils my blood for personal and American citizen reasons. How can a watchdog group of renegades have so much control in this crappy little town? ‘Squeakiest wheel gets the most grease’ mentality? I applaud David Brandt and his shrewd move to an extent. IMO he fell over any principles of being a man for business and followed the money...which makes him a pretty smart business man...sort of. I have met him and thought him to be someone to stand up against this machine that is crooked-ass politics in this crappy little town, for that I am disappointed.

The fact that these renegades and crooked politicians can bend and break laws and the local judges don't bat an eyelash to back them is in one word, appalling. Shame on the CVNA for being able to take away Mike's livelihood, shame on the City Council and the Mayor for supporting these nut jobs and shame on the judges for using legal, yet unscrupulous tools to eradicate local businessmen who are trying to make a living. I was truly hoping that David was stronger than that, but I don't blame him too much either. To Mike...keep up the fight for what is right man. Of course that is just my opinion…I could be wrong…

Yeah, Allen, I've gotta say, I'm on the side of the Monkey on this one.

Well Allen, Representative Susie Byrd doesn't like you or your kind anyway. You bring your big city violence and gangs to peaceful El Paso. (check out the Playboy story, including the Judge's welfare Chico's Tacos cheese slur... funny the things that get that town riled up.

Speaking of getting riled up, it's fun to sit back and read the indignant Dems all riled up because sore losers won't pull the straight lever. as if their standard bearer had never supported Republicans. fun to watch. i do predict that while Barbara Carrasco won't win, this may be the year that a Republican running for statewide office gets more votes than ever. We'll see.

On the other hand, David, now would be the perfect time for you to move to El Paso and make your mark. Run an as an independent!

Cook will probably say that buying the property will make us money in the long run. Didn't he say that when the city bought Northgate ? Isn't one of the CVNA people related to a city attorney ? Inside info ?

I see in the newspaper this morning (June 13, 2012) that the City is going to spend $500,000 to have an out of town company redesign the Plaza for the umpteenth time. Construction will cost more.

Evidently it will stay the same (eight-way walkways and the alligator thing).

All of this in 120 days! I wonder how much per hour this works out to.

And I find it remarkable that no firm in El Paso is up to the task.

welcome to the "qualification based selection process". since this firm had already done preliminary designs for Foster they had the absolute inside track to get the project - but the city put it out for other consultants to submit on so it would look like they cared and guess what - gave it to the people they wanted anyway. someone should do an open records request on the score sheet - bet it wasn't even close! waste of time for all the locals that submitted and thought they even had a prayer of getting selected. remember - when the bond issue passes - it if does - high profile projects will not be given to locals - it will go to out of towners and council won't give a damn either.

surprise, surprise... it's not a surprise why the culture of corruption reigns in El Paso.

Oh, and I did hear that while the contract may still be under discussion, the district did already pay them a $13,000 consulting fee to advise Dr Jordan. Loved the front of EPT today...

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