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November 19, 2012


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David, since whan does this town have any journalists? Especially ones who will go to the trouble of demanding of the government open records? I wondered why EPTimes was so lazy about this when Occupy was securing city emails and documents and circulating them to the public. At least people could see the email trail between PDNG, CH, Wilson, Horchow, Burton, et al and make up their own minds (which they did).

Then...OMG...EPTimes is in on the deal; they get the city to buy their white elephant building at an inflated price! At least El Diario was asking for open records, too, and not playing double agent with the city.

When you think about it, it's the perfect deal. The main source of kool-aid (the city) shares a building with the main distributor of kool-aid (EPTimes).

Wherever Steph lives or votes. this stuff got out in the open and I doubt it would have had it not been for her persistence. Too much in EP has been done in the back room and without public involvemnt, as the stadium deal was done IMHO. I'm not dumb and I realize that some here see this way of doing business as a good thing. Really, it is why El Paso enjoys the reputation it does today:)

The question remains that if in fact STA is not a registered voter in EP County then what is her game and what does she ultimately hope to gain by her very public temper tantrum over the demo of city hall?

As a former "journalist" she should have known someone would eventually check her out. Oh wait - that's probably the reason she is a former "journalist". Too stupid or lazy to do the research.

Rotten Peppers,

the grand total of controversial emails from the "document dump" = 0. 7,000 plus emails and all they have is the City Manager calling people who are truly crazy "crazies" and an instance where she takes a shot at a couple of the city council members for having memory loss - something all of you do all the time. Oh, and Niland didn't want Byrd doing what Byrd does. That's it - 7,000 emails and you've got nothing but girls being girls.

Then you have Allala - not even registered to vote in El Paso. Some credibility she has.

Occupy.....THESE NUTS!

David, you didn't address the issue I raised and that is that no one else requested and circulated these records until Steph did. Makes no difference they were, in your opinion, not relevant. But the issue of how this deal was done is relevant because it tore the town apart and the only explanation people were getting was from Kool-Aid Central - City Hall and the Times, and PDNG was writing their script.

Digging to find out what is behind the deal is what journalists are supposed to do? They failed, we discover, because they were in on the deal. Even people who want this deal - two thirds of you who voted - will think twice now when they read the Times, as the Times has shown itself to be a complete media whore and they can see it.

Rotten Peppers,

uh... people send open records request to the city every hour of every day. Believe me - I'm on the receiving end of the stuff that is produced on a nearly daily basis.

The emails have nothing. We all knew they would have nothing. They never have anything. Nobody is a hero for making false claims.

Besides - I told you long ago that PDNG had the bond issues sewed up from the word go. I'm the hero

Great post, David! Kudos to the person who found this information out.

Ignore Martin aka Rotten Peppers. They will never admit the truth.

Honestly, don't you think if the Planters group had something, they would have posted the ones that actually have something only or at least first? They didn't because they want people to think it is stuck somewhere in the middle and they don't want to wade through all the e-mails. The fact is, if they had a smoking gun, it would be plastered all over their sites. They don't so they are playing games. Typical of Almond Joy Townsend and her Planters group.

Exactly - where are the emails. If they had something we would have seen them published all over the place by now. So JW calls a bunch of crazy people - crazy!

Narcissistic personality disorder:
Takes advantage of people to achieve her own goals
Inflated feelings of self-importance
Exaggerates her achievements and talents
Preoccupied with illusions of her success, power, beauty, intelligence, etc.
Needs constant attention and admiration
Disregards the rights of others, and feels no empathy for others
Self absorbed and has selfish goals…

sound familiar?

Tonya Ward aka tired of the nutty haters, wow you have been called out. What do you have to say about that?

Tonya Ward has not been called out. STA and her loser pompous boyfriend. Called out! Bring it on!

Is Max Powers your alter ego? Pretty good blog and smart analysis like you David....great job!

Called out? Are you threatening me? I know who I am and choose to use a name that fits how I feel. Are you an idiot? I post the same wording on the El Paso Times with my Facebook account. AND????? What a stupid, asinine comment, Miss Notary Public/LC. ROFLMAO! I am not an idiot like you. You think I use a real Facebook account for the Times for nuts like you to stalk me? I don't think so. I am not crazy like you hiding behind something that makes you feel important. Again, a notary public is nothing! ANYONE can become a notary.

Someone who knows, sadly the description you posted fits many people involved in this nonsense.

OK, I am sleep deprived, I just figured it out. "notary public/LC" is one of the Salazar nuts. Spooky, nutty bunch with many anger management issues.

lmao. Amazing is everyone that is against you related to the Salazar family. Tonya you sound so pathetic and by your defensive reply I can only assume that its the truth. So everyone knows who you are almond joy so why are you annoyed by it. Is it because you can not resort to your hateful tactics. BTW where do you get "threatening" from?

David K you sure know how to stir the pot! Love it!

Ms Townsend Allala pays property taxes for both her local El Paso residence and El Paso business.

Bond debt increases those property taxes and that is the only justification she needs to question debt that would increase those taxes. That and that whole pesky Bill of Rights Constitution thingy that gives everyone the right to question their government & seems to bug the hell out of some of you. Where Ms Allala or anyone else votes is irrelevant.

Otherwise based on your logic it is of equal relevance that Ms Guadalupe Alejandra Arizipe De La Vega Foster has 5 names and does not show up in the county voter roles either. OMG!!! Does she pay sales tax or use her dual citizenship to refund through manifiestos too?

Maybe El Paso’s “intrepid investigative reporters” should ask which Downtown property owners have had 100% of their property taxes waived for 10 years, which downtown owners have had 50% of their property taxes waived for 5 years, and which downtown businesses have had 100% of their sales tax rebated by the City?

Or maybe ask is it fraud for elected officials to misrepresent to the public that this will increase the tax base downtown to justify public debt and then waive the property tax?

Nah that would be relevant.

notary public/LC, no, Townsend and her group are the Almond Joys.

Yes, only the Salazar's stick up for themselves. Everyone else sees through them. You are fooling no one with your sarcasm.

My hateful tactics? I don't go stalking people, like you. Is that threatening? Hell ya! You and your group are crazy and I don't want crazy around me or my family.

Hateful tactics? You all say and do whatever you please but when someone stands up to you, it is hateful tactics. You are a moron.

OMG more revelation,

You sure know how to twist things. NO ONE that is NOT registered to vote should be allowed to start this type of nonsense. I say we, the taxpaying voters, sue her for all of the money she has cost this city. So who are you? Ray Rojas, the other incompetent attorney? How do you know what taxes she pays for in El Paso? How do you know she owns a home? Either you are a stalker or you are one of the Planters group.

You have proof of all you are saying? Take it to the FBI. Otherwise, put it where the sun don't shine because that is exactly what it is - SHIT!

According to El Paso Central Appraisal District, Allala owns no property in this town.

Yes Three Names can question government all day every day as a citizen of the US. The ironic thing is she doesn't vote here. That's all anyone is saying. Just funny. Its like running for office unopposed and forgetting to vote for yourself and losing.


Before you sound off, read the Texas Open Records Act. You don't need any reason to request records or be a citizen or voter or resident or anything other than a requestor. You have no liability for doing so - it is a RIGHT, got it - something they obviously don't teach in the schools here that CC would violate the peoples' right to vote on a venue separately from the financing. The agency has to give the records to you unless they compromise intellectual property, health data and ongoing criminal investigations by the governing body, which is obviously not the city. And, if the city was so confident about their handling of this matter, why did they engage an Austin law firm to obfuscate and delay the TORA requests? Or was JW just trying to cover her butt with your tax money.

Kick back and let the courts do their job and, if you are right that this has not violated any laws, you will be vindicated. So ask yourself why are you so afraid?

There is some pretty factual analysis going on over at elpasospeak.com

Because it is your blog, Jim, it is factual? Too funny. A blog is a blog is a blog.

I fail to understand why the anti baseball crowd blames everything - including the passage of the Props and HOT tax on Joyce Wilson.

You do know that she can't do anything without the approval of City Council. They vote - she can't. She provides information, data, ideas, budgets, etc and also must do whatever council tells her to do in the way of new projects, bond issues, budgets, etc. And it is well documented that at least 3 council people don't agree with her most of the time and lately the Mayor acts like she doesn't exist.

So to think that JW is so almighty powerful that she bypassed council and put this issue on the ballot is just laughable. Read the Charter - her duties are outlined in the charter. Council and Mayor are the only ones that get a vote and the only ones that can approve a budget, sale of bonds, bond issues, and the list goes on and on.

Wish this much outrage had been pointed at the idiot Garcia at EPISD - perhaps we wouldn't have the worst school district in Texas. But no one pays attention to EPISD.

I have now figured out that 99.9% of the El Paso population is too stupid to figure out the difference between government entities in this town and who has what responsibility. These same 99.9% think the city has something to do with their school taxes - I see it every year - screaming during Public Comment to the Council about their taxes. Not a single one of the ankle biters ever shows up at EPISD and bitch about their taxes. Not a one. And 99.9% of the people continue to elect the same idiots to school boards.

But my God - JW is the devil incarnate when it is actually City Council that is completely and totally responsible for the HOT tax proposition and the legal agreement with Mountain Star. Why aren't you anti-baseball people calling for their removal from office? So far you only went after one and it was huge failure.

No she is not the devil incarnate just another carpetbagger who will take their loot and move on to greener pastures and leave the city of El Paso in a mess and deep debt.

Just for the record STA is a registered to voter in El Paso.I am sure David will admit he was wrong and take ownership for this post

Islsls; "...99.9% of the El Paso population is too stupid..."

Well, we agree on one thing.

The first batch of records I saw had JW effectively taking orders from Burton and Horchow to frame the resolution and deal for CC - download democracy. Where were the public hearings so there could be a community process? The debate in CC? Instead, JW takes the deal and hands it to CC for ratification as a fait accompli.

I know, I know: can't have public hearings when the matter is so secret and delicate and might upset Woody and Paul.

That is why so many people were angry and are still upset enough to diss this deal, which I agree with David won't happen, but I wish it would just to teach them a lesson in Civics 101.


where did you get your information? I've checked the state, the county and had someone go through a special list of democratic voters and we found she last voted in 2002. So, where is the proof?

Jaime just posted the information to his blog.No big deal David just correct the post.David I know you will do the right thing.

Thomas - I was right - "Stephanie Townsend Allala" isn't registered to vote in El Paso. "Gloria Townsend" is.

Gloria S. Townsend has been registered to vote in El Paso since 3/17/2003. County elections records show she cast an early vote in the most recent election on Oct. 23 at the courthouse. She lives in Precinct 18.

Bob Moore
El Paso Times

If I went looking of David K's voting record I would not find it.These are show biz names.It is no big deal.I am sure it all legal and you should not make a big deal about it.You were not correct, none of us are perfect.If we were we would all be living in paradise.Let it go!

Bob Moore,

who is Gloria S. Townsend?

I am also very honored that people from the EP Times read my blog! Thank you.


I do not go by "David K" in any official capacity and never have. I have only ever registered under one name to vote.

What Gloria Townsend has done here may be something worth looking into. She presents herself as one person in some places and another person in others. What is she hiding?

Rotten Peppers - who is Horchow? Thought that was a high end catalog order business. JW got something to do with them?

If 99.9% of the people understood how government functions then they would not be surprised to learn that in order for council to make a decision hours and hours of research, prep work, budgeting, meetings, have to be done on any subject or project. You can't sit in open council meeting and have all of city hall with laptops and books open trying to answer questions. They do that daily as part of their job and the reports, opinions, facts, etc go up the chain of command to JW and she gives it to council and at some point council is ready to discuss the item.

As was stated in the beginning - it was not a secret to this council (with the exception of new members Niland and Noe) that more than 2 years ago there was talk of a AAA baseball coming to EP and lots and lots and lots of city hall folks and city council knew that the AAA people visited Cohen, etc. But - 99.9% of El Paso was busy buying lottery tickets and littering the Walmart parking lots so they didn't care.

It was even in the EPT way back then - lots of speculation about it. But STA must have been busy collecting last names and commuting between El Paso County and Travis county and didn't give a flying flip about it. Ray was napping.

Anti Baseball lost. Move on. Obama won - Repubs have moved on. Get over it. Move to Santa Teresa, Sunland Park, NM, Vinton, Horizon, Fabens or Socorro. You won't have to pay City taxes for any of this stuff if you move.

This is all very strange. Women change their last names, yes. But who goes by two different first names? Even if you did have one name socially, you would stick to one name for legal matters. Makes no sense and makes it seem as if she is trying to pull a fast one.

Bob Moore,
I knew you were the source. Thanks for hanging up on me, big man.
Tired of the nutty haters,
Why do you feel that the Salazar's are after you? Maybe because of your lies. You use foul language and yet you say you go to church. Is this what your church teaches you, to be hateful and hurtful towards others? I don't know you but I bet if we met, we would probably get along. We, the Salazar's are not hateful stalkers. We have feelings and care about people who get attacked. No matter who it is. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but we all need to be civil towards each other. Why don't we try it?

Lies? I do not lie. YOU do. Foul language? At least I don't threaten people. YOU and YOUR FAMILY started the hateful postings. You are now changing your tune, but you know what you and your family posted. Your family has attacked innocent people and this affects THEIR families, but you don't stop and think about that. I fully understand standing up for a family member. I was taught to stand up for what I believe in and what I believe in is that you and your family got fooled by a group of nuts and you turned vicious and hurt innocent people. I am so glad your recall petition failed. Go talk to Rep. Niland and you will see what a good, caring person she is. Look in her eyes. They show plenty.

nutty(tonya ward), I have had the opportunity to go back and read alot of your comments concerning the Salazar family and it is pretty sad that you have to resort to hateful, absurd, callous remarks. Do you get your rocks off hurting people! I know I would defend my family from smucks like you anyway. Susan was just defending her dad but you were laying down the hammer. If they did threaten you then they have every right too. Just hope tonya that you never do anything wrong, otherwise your dear friend David k may post it. Then we will see the true woman you are.

notary nothing, you are obviously kin to the Salazars. I may do wrong things at times unintentionally but I NEVER hurt innocent people. You sure are one sided. No one attacked any of the Salazars until they started attacking. I defend innocent people. You don't like it? Tough!

Read your posts. You are the one that gets off on being an ass.

Again, so you know I post under Tonya Ward. What a stalker. This is EXACTLY why I will never reveal my true name. I only do to those that are not nutty stalkers, so you will NEVER know who I am because YOU are a nutty stalker. Have a nice, miserable life.

Actually I am not related to anyone you think I am so that makes you a stalker too for assuming. See that is what your problem is. I know what I read and I am expressing my opinion. I will defend any family including four names. Again unless you have had a close up relationship with her than you are naive in your remarks about her. Maybe one day you will reveal to us the true you, otherwise you will always be a stalked and always wrong in your opinions.

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