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December 06, 2012


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Glad to see you brought the Neighbor Lady back and writing your blogs. Much funnier and interesting plus she writes great fiction.

KVIA is firmly in bitch position with Three Names and Norma. I've told you that all along, DK. Check out Norma's blog to see a couple of their anchors playing kissy face with her.

Ashley the reporter isn't the problem. The "news director" combs over every word that gets out on the air. If she doesn't approve it, it doesn't see the light of day. Ask the photogs over there how things are in their department - it's run by the "news director's" husband.

When you have a news station being run by someone with a huge "Xicana with an 'X'" chip on her shoulder, and an anchor who is falling into line right behind her, what do you expect? My cousin went to high school with Norma and the anchor - they've been pals for a long time. Don't expect to see anything different coming from Where News Comes First.

As for TLM, I'll be sorry to see it go away if that's what ultimately happens. Sketchy crowd sometimes, but mostly just a good neighborhood bar, no matter what Sylvia Borunda Firth and her mother say.

Problem is that after an asst chief says there is nothing to find someone with the power to make the police continue with the harrassement continued with it. Only 3 people have that power. They are the Chief, the DCM over the police department and Wilson. The Chief wont do it and the DCM wont either as neither will take any action without Wilsons say so.

David, you are correct about the e-mails. However, the city manager's staff (her secretary and executive assistant) were involved way more than they should have been. They need to go. The city manager seems to trust the wrong people.

And please do not include the city attorney on this. You need to get the background on the "family" relationship. It's not there. No love there at all. Irene Borunda is a nut job and the family tries to distance themselves. It is a "by marriage" relationship and they want nothing to do with her.

Emma Acosta is the culprit behind this. At first, she ignored this crazy neighborhood group. However, Mark Benetiz, who is part of this group, promised her support in her run for mayor. I suspect he wants to run for her seat. When this occurred, she demanded the city go after the 3LM.

I liked Mike Armstrong at first, but then he started looking and sounding like that sleazy David Cooper. And placing girls that look like they should have a pole with them at all times on the street corners was not a wise move.

"...controversial attorney standing over an El Paso Times' reporter's shoulder telling him what to write for a story..."

Well, isn't that is just what the Mountain Star surrogates in the guise of Burton and Horchow did with JW taking their dictation to transmit to CC? The emails actually show that happening, even their dictating the mayor's letter of "support" to PCL.

Journalists aren't the only corrupt influence in this town.

I saw this story and agree entirely that to connect the city manager to any "conspiracy" was a stretch. I am not an insider, I have no position one way or another on that bar but I thought KVIA's story had an agenda. Why?

KVIA isn't the only yellow journalism in town. The Yellow Prize of the Year goes to EP Times for trying, at first, to downplay the opposition to the stadium and then being revealed as the stadium's chief benefactor! The City buys their white elephant building at an inflated value!

The pieces of this puzzle falling together show El Paso as truly the sleaziest city in the US. Foster-Wood can be proud of their contibution to the growing pile of s**t that is El Paso government.

Rotten Peppers...

Do yourself and everyone else in this city a favor and move the hell out of El Paso..You obviously despise living here. You spend your day doing nothing but your best to announce to anyone that will listen what a terrible place this is.
Get the fuck out already!
What kind of moron chooses to reside in a community they hate?
Move on with your pathetic, whiny life and go somewhere else.
You won't miss us and we will be a better place without you stinking up the place with your rotten attitude.

Right on Robnelp! Rotten Peppers - move to Sunland Park NM or Socorro TX. Might be just the kind of government you really expect to have so you will feel right at home.

Robnelp; it is the people who are so tolerant of corruption here, yourself it seems, that need to move and leave the ciyt to the rest of us who have fought for honest and transparent government.

Of course,everyone agrees that government should be open and transparent until doing so fucks up their deal, like the EP Times building purchase and the city hall demolition and stadium rip-off. And who knows what other surprises are awaiting us from Foster-Wood kleptocracy.

Nope...gonna keep on keeping on and make life miserable for you and your mordidcrat friends.

Sunland Park, NM, and Socorro, TX are the types of government Rotten Peppers is used to. That how his dad operated.

You see how the Neighbor Lady stirs things up! All the "chismosas" in the neighborhood are yelling at each other! You need to use her more often (Jay Koester in hair rollers and a housedress)

People are not tolerant of corruption here. Many people helped the FBI in the last 10 years capture the ones they have already. Just because someone sent an email doesn't make them corrupt. The cronyism of city council members ended with city manager form of government. That's why certain current and former council people hate the manager-council form of government. They are not allowed to dictate to the lowest level of city employee how and when to "take care of their friends". Trust me - if there is corruption at City Hall its in the bowels of City hall - the departments that can play games with contracts, vendors, consultants - extort extras, favors - and there is no way to know that's happening until someone tells someone on the 10th floor.

Rotten Peppers just hates the stadium deal and has made up its mind that it was corrupt. I have heard for years and years and years that our Federal State and Local governments are all corrupt. But we keep voting in the same type of people and the really good people won't run because of posters like Rotten Peppers that will immediately call them corrupt because they sent out an email to a constituent and answered a question or my God - they actually voted for something to improve El Paso. That will get you the title of "corrupt".


Stealing your right to vote is corrupt even if you agree to have it stolen, as you have. As CC has.

I agree with your statement, "...that's why certain current and former council people hate the manager-council form of government. They are not allowed to dictate to the lowest level of city employee how and when to "take care of their friends..."

The issue now is that Foster-Hunt have to buy a majority on CC to effectively co-opt the tax base for themselves, to direct city tax revenues into their pockets via a stadium deal that, IMHO, is the tip of the iceberg compared to what is coming down the line from them next.

lslsls, you are exactly right. City manager form of government keeps the corruption out.

Rotten to the Peppers doesn't get it. We vote in representatives to REPRESENT US and that means voting on issues for us. The ONLY council members who did not listen to their constituents were Robinson, Acosta, and Holguin. The November election proved it. But because the majority of the voters did not vote the way Rotten to the Peppers wanted them to, they keep claiming corruption, etc. I have yet to see anything showing proof of corruption. I am sure if ANYONE had something, they would have put it on the front page of the web site. Yes, there was unprofessional and unkind behavior on many parts, but you must remember, the ORR did not ask for Acosta's, Holguin's, nor Robinson's e-mails. I am sure you would find much worse. I heard Robinson making very ugly statements about his opponent when he ran for city council. When the poor man died, he then acted as if they were best friends.

Rotten peppers

So according to ur logic since the president and congress isn't allowing us to vote on the fiscal cliff, the president is stealing my right to vote?

Or today with Michael Williams did he still my vote? Since he took away the power of the elected school board without voter approval?

As you can see your logic is flawed. Sorry but you will not be able to vote for everything. We have a representative form of govt where we elect officials to vote FOR us on 99 percent of issues. That's how it is deal with it.

This whole discussion is ridiculous. We VOTED. We knew when we VOTED what we were Voting for, what it meant. We knew the building was coming down and what was going there in its place. I don't feel mislead, lied to or F'd, or black-mailed by our city officials. I do feel that all of these people who are trying to steal my vote are F'D up! I know for a fact I am smarter, more ethical and truer than 4-names Mother Teresa savior of El Paso hypocrite and all the gangsters who are trying to cram this issue down our throats. We voted, we support our City, we support our city manager, the mayor and the business leaders who are going to make things happen here - What is your Agenda opposers?

You don't speak for me and anyone who loves this City and want it to move forward.

4 names is Crazy...they all don't get it... Can't even read the above drivel comments. Bored with you "non deciders" as someone put it. You people are clueless obstructionists and look like it.


The state law governing venue matters clearly says that it has to be put to the voters separate from its financing, e.g., HOT; a separate vote on the stadium. You were denied that right no matter how much you want to see Stole-Ur-Vote Field n 2014. And we won't stop fighting and trying to scuttle this issue until we have a straight up or down vote on it, which I assume will pass in your favor.

Our right to vote is more important than baseball.

As for the Woody-wail about how that is not possible to save the deal for El Paso, well that is what billionaires do. They create an illusion of an opportunity you have to act on now under their terms or risk losing it. It's why they are billionaires and we are not; we don't lie to 700,000 people for our own benefit. We're not sociopaths.

For the last time - Texas law states that no city can build a stadium with general obligation bonds or certificates of obligation without a vote of the citizens. There are no CO's or GO's being used for the stadium. Any money spent by the city for the stadium will come from the General Fund. The General Fund is not funded by CO's or GO's. So given that info the city did not violate state law or El PAsoans right to vote. Get over it people! Understand the law!

Lslsls, Rotten to the Peppers knows the truth. They just think if they keep repeating the lies, they will come true like magic. Either that or they are stupid enough to believe Almond Joy Townsend.

Good piece btw. Very enlightening. Saw the KVIA story and wondered at the time what was particularly newsworthy. It certainly did seem like an endorsement for a very questionable website and for a moment, I actually thought about getting on to peruse 1000's of emails for the big smoking gun. Did they actually show the emails or just allude to them as usual (I was either looking at my Nook or computer while I listened and don't remember). EP Times ran story today that was a little better and more newsworthy. Still no villainous emails. Last night when news came on, changed the channel (permanently)

M Morales, if there was a smoking gun, don't you think it would be the very first e-mail posted on their websites and given to media? There is no smoking gun. They only have smoke and mirrors.

KVIA has gone to shit with Darren Hunt!

You think DARREN is the problem? Have you seen/heard MARIA GARCIA?

As to the General Fund of the City. This year 96% of the general fund paid for just 2 departments. Next year those 2 departments will take all of the genetal fund. So how do you think the city can continue to operate. Then add the $400,000,000.00 in underfunded pensions which by law the city has to fund. Add in the lateset debt additions,ballpark funding and other upcoming responsibilities you can expect multiple year over year tax increases.

And you got these figures where?

el paso reporter, at first I was really pissed off about your comment, but then I had to laugh because I realized you're too much of a twerp to put your name on your post.

Man or woman up and have the balls to use your real name. You can check out mine below.

The figures come from the Citys budget book.

JW criminal complaint thrown out. U you better be careful. Maybe you are the one they should be coming after.

For what,being honest.

Post the figures, U. Supply the link.

Sorry but you need to do the work for yourself. The budget book is posted online as is the last audit.

David K - you know that you have an agenda of your own. The fact Wilson has to walk Lilly through something is pretty indicative that she is (1) senile (2) a puppet (3) incompetent. Who don't you ever call her out. Any of her opponents would have done better: at least by staying awake.
I for one don't want rabble rousers to move out of town. Yes there is some paranoia about the stadium but the corruption is deep and we should fight to change it. At least David, that you have an agenda and present the pieces as they suit you.

Had enough, you are obviously uneducated. Ann Lilly is a smart woman. She just doesn't feel the need to speak on every subject like Acosta and Byrd. She speaks when necessary. Fall asleep? Yeah right! She runs the meeting better than the mayor.

Prove the corruption, "had enough". Because I think you are "full enough" of cow poo. If there was ANY corruption, the Planters group would have had it plastered on the front page of all their ugly, vile, hateful websites.

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