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December 10, 2012


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But just wait till AAA baseball and the town will be the "go to" destination of the Southwest.

Actually, the area attractions are mostly not here and are more historical: Lincoln Billy-the-Kid stuff; Old Messila; missions; Three Rivers Petroglyphs; Carlsbad Cavern. Plus great hiking in the Franklins, Gila, and Guadelupes. But they are 100% not here.

There is nothing here but Mexico and that is a dump even when they're not hanging body parts from the bridges.

I agree with you.

The best ad campaign Ive ever seen El Paso do was several years back with the "care to step outside" mountain biker commercials. Why did they get away from that theme? Those were the only ads that ever made this area look cool.

And yes rotten peppers, Baseball will connect UTEP and Downtown with a trolley route. Bars and restraunts will pop up along that route and ultimately define El Paso as an attractive place to come.

Maybe Juarez will be connected again one day as well....

Either way YES ...Baseball and Trolleys will be transformational.. I cant understand why you people cant see that???

Have been to 3 or 4 concerts at the Plaza and one a long time ago at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. Maybe I am tone deaf, but I loved it at the Plaza and will continue to go. I think the venue is beautiful, but would never try and convince anyone it is a one of a kind type of facility never to be found anywhere else in this country. In my opinion worth every penny to renovate.

"Either way YES ...Baseball and Trolleys will be transformational.. I cant understand why you people cant see that???"

Trolley; Has AAA transformed Albuquerque? Tucson? Those towns have a lot to see and do but I doubt people travel there for AAA. I agree with you that it would be nice if Juarez ever becomes human-inhabitable again, as it was the one of the few things here worth a visit to an outsider. Espcially if you're a 70s'vintage car fan.

You dont go to cities like abq ep and tuscon because you want to u go bc u have to. the argument is thT now that we have AAA there will be something for people to do once they are here. the only cool thing to do in Abq was AAA the last time I went. That place is shitty! Horrible nightlife for a college town. Food not that great, only thing I liked about Abq was the highway beautification project there. Probably the nicest freeways I've seen.

Greg, you are clueless. Albuquerque is a great city, as is Tucson. El Paso is getting there.

'The El Paso Times will feel pretty shitty if some tourist get murdered in Juarez holding a copy of their article on "things to do" during their visit to El Paso for the Sun Bowl.'

Best line ever LOL. I wouldn't go back to Juarez and I was born and raised here 35+ years.

The El Paso Times article has just two photos - an empty theater and a guy fixing the tramway. 'nuff said.

Tired of nutty haters,

Were you being sarcastic or serious? Because i went this summer and could not find a thing to do that was interesting. Tramway was ok but once youve done it thats it its not that great. Nightlife was so bad that the only full place on the strip was a strip club. We would spend hours on yelp trying to figure out what to do when we just gave up and settled on watching college football at some overpriced bar.
The casinos were cool i guess.

Did i miss something? Hahaha and dont get me started on tuscon place is like las cruces

The only attraction in Arizona - Phoenix and Tucson is golf - and shopping in Scotsdale or Tempe Outlet Mall. Otherwise - not much to do there either.

I don't know why EPT didn't mention that normally we have great golf weather in the winter and a couple of nice public courses that USC and Georgia fans could play. But I guess they think all football fans are into culture.

Greg, no sarcasm. Obviously our lifestyles are VERY different. I have four children. Albuquerque has a wonderful zoo, botanical garden, children's science museum (which makes Insights look like the dump it is), etc. We go there as often as money allows and we have a blast. Same with Tucson. Their zoo is little, but really nice. The Living Desert Museum is great. They also have a botanical garden that was rated in the top ten of the United States.

Funny how people see things differently.

lslsls, you are wrong about Arizona. Really nice place to visit, especially in the winter. What is sad is that El Paso used to be ahead of Phoenix and we got left behind in the dirt. We are rising like a phoenix, though!


Touché I've always said there's tons of things to do here for people my age (mid 20's) but I completely agree with you about the family attractions. That's y my family with younger kids voted for all 3 bonds cuz they want a children's museum and for the zoo to expand.

If you put it that way then Abq is a good place to visit if you have kids. When we went for uteps bowl game a couple of years ago we were super bored. Haha

I've always know Tucson though (even as a child) as the city you stay in on the way to Vegas or LA because its cheaper than Phoenix.

Arizona as a whole I'd have to agree with tired. You have the Grand Canyon a ton of sports (which Phoenix has a downtown model ep should follow) and yes we used to be bigger and better than Phoenix ! That's what happens when you invest in your community

Out of 6 "Main-line Attractions," one is in another state, one is another country, and one is an empty building... Perfectly logical for a place as backwards as the 915.

Greg, I try to remember my youth and what I looked for, and I can see why we have different perceptions of a "good time". :) That's where El Paso can be great. We can have something for every age group.

Ref, that is why the stadium is a great thing for El Paso. We will move forward. We just need to rid ourselves of the Planter Nuts group who want things to remain the same. So much so that they, especially Almond Joy Townsend and "I Hate Everyone who doesn't kiss my big a$$" Norma Chavez, will lie through their teeth and slander people.

When my kids bring friends from college, they enjoy doing the outdoorsy stuff - hiking, going to the caverns, 4-wheeling in the desert. They refuse to take their friends to any local bar and I personally place Juarez off limits.

In other news, this article makes me laugh. At the end of the day, private entrepreneurs can pretty much out think any glorified tourism department whether it's city, state or federal.
"The great indoors of Missouri
Bass Pro's HQ store a bull's-eye for outdoorsy tourism
July 15, 2011|By Jay Jones, Special to Tribune Newspapers

Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris stands at the entrance to his Big Cedar Lodge near Ridgeway, Missouri.

Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris stands at the entrance to his Big Cedar Lodge near Ridgeway, Missouri. (Bass Pro Shops)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — When asked to guess the most popular tourist attraction in Missouri, even non-Midwesterners probably could make some educated guesses.

Mark Twain's home along the mighty Mississippi in Hannibal.

The Gateway Arch, downriver in St. Louis.

The Harry Truman Presidential Library in Independence.

Good as those guesses are, they're all wrong. The single most visited attraction in the Show-Me state is a store — actually a megastore much bigger than the biggest Walmart Supercenter. It sprawls at the corner of Campbell Avenue and Cherokee Street in Springfield.

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World "is the No. 1 tourist attraction in the state of Missouri and has been for several years," noted Larry Whiteley, Bass Pro's corporate communications chief. "We attract over 4 million people a year to this location, which is greater than the Gateway Arch or Silver Dollar City," a theme park in Branson. The more visited of those two, the Arch, gets about 2.5 million a year, according to the National Park Service."

Anyone else remember when Bass Pro was scouting locations and potential traffic in El Paso? As I recall, they didn't get a very warm welcome and sure enough the next store they opened was in San Antonio. (And for the record, anytime I'm in San Antonio, I do stop in to kill a few hours even though I rarely spend very much there.) Cabela's put the town of Buda on the map.

Yeah the city council reps - the progressive ones - that don't know Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's and didn't understand how much land a store would need. They demanded it be put downtown or no deal. This is how completely ignorant some council people can be when they don't do their homework and study the issue. My family will stop at a Bass Pro Shop in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver - wherever they are. But - the progressives on council think everything should be downtown. They don't get it and they never will.

For all those El Pasoans that want downtown revitalized I say great - wonderful - have at it. Do your thing - and I will support your efforts - but don't cram it down my throat that everything MUST go downtown. Council - are you listening?!?

Dear TiredoftNHaters --

Admittedly, I know very little about triple A ball, however, I did check the schedule on the internet and it appears there are no games until April. The big, expensive stadium, that's going to bring so much prestige, fun, and excitement to the locals and visitors is going to be closed (like the Plaza) during the Sun Bowl. When and IF it gets operational, will the EPtimes add "Driving By" the stadium to their list of "Things to Do in ELP" during the next Sun Bowl?

The Baseball Advocates seem to be putting all their eggs in one basket, and historically, that never works out.

What a douchebag writer. I'm from the Bay Area, and yes, there's all kind of shit to do and places to drink. And its frigging expensive you clueless genius. El Paso has good, affordable watering holes. Idiots shouldn't try to write. I think you would be good at sucking up to politicians or asshole bosses.

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