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January 25, 2013


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NOT A CHANCE!...he is the CLASSIC agenda driven, special interest candidate.
Don't care how great a guy he is, he has shown a serious lack of objectivity on the land issues he's been behind and I can't trust him to represent us and have any confidence he won't try to do anything but stand in the way of whatever topic conflicts with his agendas.

And you think any of the other candidates are better?

Let's get back to bashing Norma for fun. That's way more fun than promoting Susies buddy...

Plus, Norma's QB Mark Sanchez wasn't even considered for the worthless Pro Bowl tonight. She really sucks at picking winners.

Damnit Norma - Norma doesn't suck at picking winners. The Jets sucked because the other football teams hijacked the Jets season.

It's kind of like how the Republicans hijacked the last election and then handed her slate of candidates their asses!

I can't vote for Jim because I don't live in his district - but I can tell you from a personal perspective that he is a good man. I have known Jim since he was in college; and yes, I worked for his father's company, TBL Adjusters in the 70's until I moved away. He comes from a good, solid family and Jim cares deeply about his city. Yes, he has his opinions on land issues and has shown that he can compromise, that he can meet with the opposition and work out their differences and bring forth a solution that we can all live with - I can't say that about every candidate or current office holders - but I know Jim will do what's best for District 2. I encourage voters in District 2 to do their homework, study the candidates and their platforms and ask them questions - don't wait for a forum. I think you will find that Jim truly understands the community of District 2 and the people that reside in it.

Josie- That's not really the point is it..lesser of 2 evils?

Elieen - I would say generally we seem to agree on most topics and I do appreciate you relaying your personal experiences with Jim but I just don't feel comfortable electing people to represent this city that have a public track record of taking what I consider somewhat extreme points of view on topics such as development, environmental and land use. I want to see this city progress. I think we are at a critical point in the future of the community and I think we have all had our fill of special interest groups recently. I just don't think we need to insert one of these types of individuals into a position where they have real power to affect the outcome of local govt issues.

Robnelp - Well we do have council members that have extreme points of views - you can't stop that from happening. One person's definition of an extreme point of view is another's definition of progress. It's about the person and their ability to listen, learn, compromise and do what's right for their district and the city. But its a free country and you should vote for the person you feel will best represent your interests.

You miss the whole point, Robnelp. The other candidates are a million times worse than Jim Tolbert. No candidate is perfect and never will be, but he is the best candidate thus far.

Josie...that type of reasoning is exactly what leads us down the road to the same old backwards ass way of doing things here in El Paso...
It hasn't worked for us in the past...why continue to repeat our mistakes when they are so obvious?

I never said a thing about a perfect candidate..you are throwing that in there. My point, in case you missed it twice before is this.
It is not in this communities best interest to elect someone with obvious agendas, agendas that have been in the past, and CONTINUE to be very publicly stated.
This community simply does not need an individual in a position of power to use that position to further their personal agendas.

I don't trust him to be objective.

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