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January 03, 2013


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"Both of us knew/know that the down ballot races in El Paso are full of the nastiest people in our society."
Courtney Niland being the latest example of this bit of sage wisdom.

rotten peppers,

Cortney would run circles around you. She's one of the best El Paso has and the only person on council who forced the baseball deal back into negotiations when the deal wasn't right. You always seem to forget that.

That is so not true Rotten Peppers. But it is America - you are allowed to spew hate filled speech all day every day.

Every CC has a resident thug and Niland is this CC's thug-in-residence, IMO.

So sorry to see Jaime go! He was a guest on Darren's show a number of times, and was always entertaining and informative. Don't leave us, David K - we need a voice of reason keeping an eye on EP politics!

DK you can be so sweet and endearing....sometimes...


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