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February 08, 2013


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I agree.

Susie's husband teaches at Coronado. Lots of teachers kids go to the school where their parent teaches - its allowed. But she's not doing that - she goes to a magnet school and that's cool.

Susie earned her spurs as Ray Cabellero's assistant where she was hell on wheels about the kind of Old-El-Paso-back-room-exclude-the-public deals like the stadium. Also the ugly sprawl development of the east side orchestrated by the usual suspects who pretty much own the CC. She along with Ray amde a lot of enemies in that 2 years and they saw their worst nightmare come true when she was elected to CC, where her trasnformation apparently began.

She is a nice person and extremely intelligent, unlike some CC members. But I liked the "old" Susie better.

The Brownfield posts are worthless. I don't care if he quits or not because I gave up on reading his crap after a couple of visits. He's just an angry guy with a lot of piss and vinegar and offers absolutely nothing to political discourse (and he can't even get his rumors right, either).

I commend him for admitting what happened. Takes a big person to do so. Maybe this will help him learn not to listen to the crazies, such as "Rotten to the Core who should be thrown out with the garbage already."

And Ray Caballero was a good Mayor. Too bad crazy TC didn't take after him or her mother.

I just read the Strelzin posts on his forum.

Strelzin is nothing but a cheap gossip who can be paid to hold an opinion. When he had his radio show, he was trashing Lorenzo Garcia, who then paid Strelzin to shut up and become a cheerleader for the district.

Strelzin is a loyal supporter of one of the worst, meanest and vilest gossips in town, failed politician Norma Chavez.

He claims he was simply asking a question about Byrd, but never bothered to pick up the phone and call her. He was more interested in trashing her, having others trash her, and fuel a stupid meaningless rumor.

He should go back to pandering to Norma on facebook.

Ever notice that most of those Strelzin calls friends and defends to the point of stupidness are being arrested? He has the same old people posting on his forum and all they do is whine and complain and slander people. There is nothing but negativism on that forum. I stay off of it except when I want to see what crazy Carl is going to pull next.

The "magnet" program at Coronado is the IB program, International Baccalaureate. If her kids are not in the IB program then they are simply transfer students into Coronado, not attending a "magnet" school. But who cares? Her husband teaches there so he can keep an eye on his kids. Austin sucks. I would not have my kids in Austin either.

You didn't read the whole thing, T-Bird. Her only child old enough for high school goes to the magnet program at El Paso High, not Coronado.


Those that David defends to the point of stupidness are being arrested as well. His sweet phoenix prince just got "charged with unlawful access to stored communication to obtain a benefit and sale, distribution, or display of harmful material to a minor." Anyone knows what this means? Sound perverted if you ask me.

And the rest, whine, complain, slander, and negativism is why you keep coming back to this blog.

You, "thenonwatcher, are an idiot. There was no love lost between Jaime and David.

And no, I come back to this blog to find out information that is not always available in the mainstream media and to laugh at David. I may not always agree with him, but he makes me laugh.

Obviously, you are one of the whiner nuts that posts lies and slanders people trying to make yourself believable.

And at least I use my name, "nonwatcher". I suspect your last name is Chavez, Salazar, or one of the other crazies' names.

Josie Bustos you sound and act like a bitter woman. You post things on your Facebook that nobody cares to comment about. Just goes to show how influential you really are. You need this blog just to throw some meaningless jabs at people that do not care to defend themselves. If anyone is crazy it is you and may I say "Pathetic" too!!!!

You are an idiot, notary. I post nothing on my Facebook. My posts from the Times show up there. YOU are the bitter troll that slanders people because that's the way your family rolls. Let's also talk about STALKERS. First Martin and now you. You all must have lonely, sad lives. So you are PATHETIC! GO crawl back under your rock now.

Blogging is a thankless endeavor.

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