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February 14, 2013


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wow.....speechless and in disbelief....

The charter does not define the day-to-day rules for employees any more than it defines their benefits and vacation policies. If it did we'd be in the trouble you aptly point out, heading toward the fate of San Diego aka "Enron by the Sea."

On the city website you can find the Civil Service rules that all employees including non-civil service abide by unless otherwise specified in the document. There is a long list of prohibited and allowed political activity in it.

Don't think we didn't research this looking for violations by Wilson & Co related to the stadium, to match up with TORA emails and documents. Still researching it, too.

It certainly did in 2007 when it was changed extensively. The current Charter still has language in it about vacations, leave time, etc. that has been recommended for removal. Yes the rules are on the website there is also Ord. 8064 and 8065 which are the rules, classification and compensation and then there are admin rules.

The items J, K, L are listed in the Charter as grounds for termination, suspension or reprimand if violated. What the Ad Hoc committee did is essentially delete those items so there will be no termination, suspension or reprimand for political activity, unlawful activity or influence. That's the big problem. A rule can be made but trust me Ochoa, Bautista and Sandoval will be at CSC screaming about not adding those causes into the Rules.

If you listen to the ankle biters - Ochoa, Bautista and Sandoval they do not want anything to change, but then they want it to change. If they had their way everything about CS would be in the Charter.

So you think Wilson & Co somehow violated CS rules, process over the stadium deal? That doesn't make any sense. And there were no violations of the Charter in the QOL, HOT bond issues. Nor is there a statement in the Charter that says you can't ever sell, demolish or abandon city hall. Not in there.

You need to understand representative form of government. You can try all day long to find the smoking gun of Wilson doing something wrong but she didn't. Council made all of the decisions because they are the only ones that can vote. For some reason you and others just don't get it. Elected officials vote and it counts; staff cannot vote and council doesn't have to listen to staff or take their advice.

How's this for a David apophasis: By claiming that he has no intention of controlling what we do and how we do it, David is in fact acknowledging just the opposite. He seem to think that the government's policies should be at odds with the will of the employees. If David's ravings had even an ounce of integrity they would challenge rather than accommodate the mainstream's presuppositions.

Happy Valentines!

The item in quotes below was in yellow highlight at the end of section 6-13.3.....

How come the statement below states some of the changes were recommended by the Civil Service Commission? And who serves on the CSC?
Also, what does the term "reserve" mean next to Items J & L?

Did I understand correctly that some of the items you were concerned about were removed because they are already addressed elsewhere.
Please explain....thanks
"Note: The above revisions are proposed to make clarifications in the causes for disciplinary action so that the wording used is clear to City administration and the employees, and appropriately encompasses the actions for which disciplinary action is appropriate. Two provisions that are now encompassed in the City’s ethics ordinance are deleted (I and K) and new provisions are now included under these subsection letters. This language includes the CSC’s recommendations for minor revisions to subsections A and F, and to delete the proposal to remove the word “wantonly” in subsection E. This language also includes the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee to delete subsections J and L."

yep... that's me,

I don't think you understand what happened here and I did answer most of your questions in the post.

If there is no punishment for breaking a rule, then there is no rule.


Thank you....for responding exactly as expected.
Enjoy your day...

yep... that's me,

Thank you - you have a great day as well.

How ridiculous. Civil Service rules are for civil service employees and no one else. The garbage truck is waiting and you reek to high heaven. Jump in.

Isela "girlfriend" Castanon-William's son is just like her. Did you see his idiotic behavior at the meetings? Like his mother, he just wants attention and has no clue what he is talking about.

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