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February 20, 2013


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I could come up with one good thing to say about El Paso (and the Big Bend, too) that no one else considered, and it is that the area has a high tolerence for eccentrics. In fact it kind of relishes them, even it it doesn't like them.

You think of Lisa and Rick and Gil and Bobby Byrd and Teresa and Steph and David...where else would people like this get a soapbox to stand on.

Except on this board, of course, what with the woody-whiners, Rotary and the other inside-the-box folks who don't know what they're missing. I have to say that this is the only thing I genuinely admire about El Paso and it is unique among the places I have lived.

THIS IS WHY I TELL EVERYONE, I AM NOT FROM TEXAS. I AM FROM EL PASO. This is a beautiful city. Drive over the mountain along Alabama. Over to old NE and then come back over Senic and the Kern Area. There is so much that is Great about this City and we are in a league of its own. F Texas.

As much as I love this city, it hurts to admit that El Paso really is a second or third tier city.

Some are just realizing now that EL Paso is a third tier city.Amazing!The only thing to change this is to spend our money on upgrading the education and skill levels of our local citizens.Nope that not going to happen then local government may really be held accountable.
A ball park will save you and bring the development needed and take taxation off the back of the home owners to the business sector.To funny,ain't going to happen!Keep the majority dumb down and ignorant you can screw them and steal their hard earned tax dollars every time. And this is the truth many will not face up to in El Paso.
Do not get me wrong I love El Paso just hate it's screwed up local government!

Always the doubting Thomas and always assuming the worst of people. Very sad.

Josie Bustos
No,what is sad is so many here delude themselves that local government is otherwise but keep cling to the belief its all good not matter what fact give proof of the truth.Five to 10 years down the line the truth will be unavoidable and many will not like the out comes.

Thomas: You can’t spell, you can’t punctuate, you can’t write a coherent sentence. You must be one of those dumbed down citizens you complain about. Your negativity makes me doubt that you like El Paso or that you like much of anything at all. What you really seem to like is complaining.

And about El Paso – I admit it is hard to love but many of us die-hard residents are very happy here, despite our city’s shortcomings. But I think things are changing. There is a new sense of optimism and progress that Texas Monthly writers totally missed.

Very well written, Phoenix daughter. There are those that continually bash everything around us yet do nothing to better El Paso. Yet, when others try to do good for the city, they slander them and accuse them of being corrupt. I would hate to have to live with someone like that. So much negativity is draining.

Yes,Phoenix daughter I am a bad typist and who appointed you the spelling and grammar Police?Seem you understood clearly what I posted!
"new sense of optimism", horse shit and deep at that.Where are my boots it's getting deep.Rememeber you have the option not to read anything I post but you keep on reading them. I wonder why?
As to you Josie Bustos,I have slandered no one and now it is up to you to show the world were I have slandered one person.You do not understand the legal meaning of the word slander.Then again in your poste you did slander me.As a citizen,just maybe you forgot, I have the right to speak out against my government when I believe they are doing things wrong.As with PD stop reading my post it is that easy but you do and you will every time.

Did I say you, Thomas? Not at all. You have the right to your negativity. Of course, you lie about people all the time and always ASS-U-ME the worst of others. You must have a sad, miserable life. You don't like what we post? Don't read it. Because last I knew, this is David's blog, not yours. Therefore, he calls the shots, not you. I truly hope you find some happiness in your life so you stop assuming the worst of everything and everybody.

Josie Bustos
What lies? See you can say such thing but proof seems to always be missing.You have zero proof I lied about anything.Time to put up or shut up.Every time I have posted anything wrong or not true I man up and say I am wrong.Then again the same cannot said about others. I would almost put money on it that I gave no more than a opinion and which is my right to what I believe.Do not read my post if they piss you off so bad.Real easy!So show proof or once again you slandered me which is no big deal with me.

Simmer down, Thomas.

It never ceases to amaze me that people who are always 'so right' in their thinking, are always the one who are the most pissed off! Your panties are in a wad about being here, about the ballpark, about what a shithole El Paso is? Then go away. Why would anyone decide to live in a place they hate?

Life is too short, Norma - sorry - Thomas. Go drink your 'cafecito' and commiserate with the other looney tunes gang about all the corruption that you are sure is roiling under the surface, but you can never seem to find. Thank God you people aren't in law enforcement. You're the worst detectives ever! However, you do make excellent backporch dogs - always chasing your tails and never accomplishing anything!

Now, be gone with you! Your harshing my National Margarita Day buzz!

CV, he posts all over the place and never has a nice thing to say about anyone in government nor anyone who does not think the way he does. I remember reading someplace that he does not even live in the city. I really do feel sorry for him and wonder what has happened to him that makes him so angry and distrustful of everyone.

Josie, come on now. You of all people criticise everyone. People just visit her Facebook page and you will see that she posts nothing good about anyone. Josie you are a hypocrite and have no right to act otherwise. Thomas is stating an opinion just as you are so let it be. Why can't you just be nice for a change. If someone is not on your bandwagon then they are against you. Grow up Missy!!!!

I am not pissed if I was you and others would know the difference.
Josie Bustos I only post two place now David K and Paul's forum.I did post on Jaime's blog and Brownfield but they are no more.I have good reason to distrust local government and have the docs to back up the reason for the distrust.I know somethings that less than a hand full of people know about some in El Paso government.No matter what proof others and you turn a blind eye when you think it's working in your favor.So play blind and dumb but do not bitch when things do not work out as promised.Some big promises have been made and others and you are going to be sad faced when you find out you have been played.Then we will have to listen to how you were played and screwed.So enjoy your blind bliss of enlightment.

Hey, stalker who thinks they are important because they are a notary, you can't see ANY postings on my Facebook because it is private. So stop lying and stop stalking. You are one sick individual - apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Josie you are lying to yourself again. I am certainly notch stalker but a person who tells the truth. Whats the matter I struck a nerve? Please everyone visit her page for yourself. Josie is a negative person and likes to criticise others and yes your apple fell off your tree and split in half.

So proud to be a notary which means nothing, you are crazy. Get a life. I notice you don't use your real name. Probably so people can't report your stalking.

David Romo is a jerk. Didn't he knock up his assistant while his wife was pregnant?

Dear rich black guy,
I found your comments troubling. I've met David Romo. Clearly you have not. The idea that he could get two women to lower their standards enough to sleep with him is simply impossible.

Eeee, this was a dumb post. You thought Gilb's beautiful and powerful piece about my hometown was not about it??? Do you read? Or is that abstract? Someone living by the ocean shouldn't talk about the beach. It was a loving defense of Chuco, sir, and he's one of the city's and state's best writers. Not shabby but not up to your standards. The problem with Chuco is people like you who think defending it against a power structure thatdoesn't really care about the people who live in it. Nathan's was informative, Ulloa's was light and journalistic with yes the downtown Chico's wrong, Romo's was some cool history. Look how many Latinos represent! Whatever. I went to UT because that's where Texas is. Some of us want our own to not have to leave like they do, which it sounds like you did too but that's ok for your criticism. Some of us love it there even when we are away.

tejano de chuco,

if you read as well as you write, then you didn't undersand the article. You ARE El Paso in its purist form. You are holding the city back.

I love El Paso.

I have to agree, begrudgingly, with David K here. And you can ask him how many times I've outright insulted and demeaned his opinions.

These Texas Monthly stories were pathetic insofar as they contained virtually ZERO positive spin on El Paso or actual information.

At least find someone who LIVES THERE NOW to write this stuff!!! We don't have the benefit of exposure like Houston, DFW, Austin and San Antonio.


"It was a loving defense of Chuco, sir, and he's one of the city's and state's best writers"

He doesn't even live in El Paso or the state of Texas. Last I read, he lives in California. But regardless, he is not in El Paso.

As someone who has lived there for more than 30 years of my (39 year) life, I'd be glad to do a story on it. And with no journalistic credentials to speak of, I could do a much better job of conveying actual information.

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