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February 15, 2013


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Do you mean whether it should be kept versus returning to the mayoral form?

Because they're too stupid to know what charter ammendments are.

They didn't put that on the charter amendments because Norma, Four Names, Sal Gomez, Orthon Medina, et al, didn't tell them to.

...+1 to what CV said....

+1 to what CV said and +2 to what Que said. Find out who Robinson's new campaign manager is and then follow the dots to Norma the hateful Chavez.

It could be that they know how to count which some here don't. They sre 3 out of 8 votes and they couldn't get another vote from those on Council to authorize placing the item on the ballot.

My guess is they think they can get Joyce Wilson fired and replaced by one of their clowns and gain control of City Hall. In that scenario they fall in love with the City Manager form of government!

Ken, didn't YOU contribute to Robinson's campaign??? Do you not realize he is being run by Norma Chavez?

Hey Josie, may I suggest a little less tequila in your cornflakes honey. Carl Robinson is maybe the last person I would support financially for any public office.


Wrong Ken - believe me, i know which one you think it is and this person is not that person.

Sorry, Ken. Proves one should never assume. For thinking you were the Ken I was thinking of, you may flog me repeatedly.

By the way, have never tried tequila on my cornflakes. Might be worth a shot after having listened to those nuts at council today.

The way I see it they are all into cahoots with destroying this town. These people believe they are smarter then anyone else in This city.
To all of them I say Hye Hitler!!!

Thank you, Lupe. I agree - Holguin, Acosta, and Robinson all think they are smarter than anyone else in the city and are destroying our town. You cannot say Hye Hitler to them because they are not half as smart as Hitler, even a dead Hitler.

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