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March 18, 2013


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I was more than a little disturbed by the cops TMZ-like description of her reaction after being arrested. That cop could have been the victim of a drunk driver, maybe he doesn't like women or BMW's. Whatever his beef, it sure showed through in the way he wrote his "report".

Was Naomi wrong? Yes. There is no getting around that. Should she be prosecuted? Of course. If you break the law, you have to pay the price. But pay the price - NOT get burned at the stake because the Normaloonies are out for blood.

A fair hearing, a fair sentence for the offense. No one should expect anything less - or anything more. You don't like Naomi? Tough shit. You don't like Norma? Ditto. No one deserves to get run out of town on a rail because they screwed up.

There are legal avenues that will be used to punish Naomi's actions, so put your pitchforks away. You never know - your head might be on that pike next, and you will be screaming for fairness. So just remember that when you call for Naomi, or anyone in her position, to hung from her toes. We are all just a couple of drinks away from a really unflattering police-supplied photograph.

There but for the grace of God goes I and most of us. I know in my youth I drove when I shouldn't. I was just lucky.

Tanya, driving in my youth I drove when I shouldn't ? Yes, we all did that when we were in college. She is a rep to our city and not in college and has a cushy job. CV, the cop just reported that she didn't ask about the other people and that all she commented on was about her job. I don't call that a TMZ comment. Sounds like he just reported what she said. I despise Norma and so do many others and like me they think what Naomi did is beyond stupidity. I'm for TORT reform too. She should resign. Of course Dems never do so I'm sure she will follow that trend. If she were a Repug the resignation would already be in print.

Just think if she'd been a Republican.

I posted that comment, not Tanya. Cushy job? Really? You have been a state rep before so you know this for a fact? College has nothing to do with it. She is still young and at that age, we have the mentality that it doesn't happen to us. I am not a democrat and would say the same thing if it was a republican. If it was a second offense or more, then I would say resign.

So 'just tellin', tell me, what non'cushy' job would make driving while intoxicated an acceptable practice? What age would one have to reach to make drunk driving no longer something one should engage in, because apparently, being in college makes it acceptable, or at least palatable in your eyes, when one is in college.

The point is, she screwed up. Once that we know of, probably more that we don't. I think that's a pretty accurate reflection of most of us, yourself included, because you admitted to driving drunk in college. And we know she was drunk enough to not get caught - she slammed into another vehicle and a bicyclist, so she was probably hammered enough to not be aware of her surroundings.


She was an irresponsible idiot on this occasion, and as I said above, she should be prosecuted like everyone else, but ONLY like everyone else. Lady Justice doesn't put extra weight against you because you won an election, no matter how badly you want her to.

And I don't think that you, or anyone else, would expect to be forced to leave your job if you were in a similar situation. And don't give me that crap about "but she's an elected official". So what.

If she was a brain surgeon and not an elected official, would that be ok? I'd be a hell of a lot more worried about my brain surgeon being a stupid drunk than my elected official. What if she was an air traffic controller? Would you be calling for her resignation then? Pretty heavy responsibility, making sure planes take off and land safely, but what the hell, let's let her keep her job if she drives drunk and she's only in charge of aircraft safety. But she won an election so by all means, HANG THE BITCH!

Naomi screwed up. Thank God she didn't kill anyone. Hopefully, she learned her lesson. If not and it happens again, then yes, she should step down. Drunk driving once, you get a very limited chance to walk the straight and narrow. Do it again, and you're on your own. I have no sympathy for stupid. But for God's sake, shut up about "she should step down". We all make mistakes, big ones. The real test is how you move on from them. That's why we say "paid their debt to society".

Naomi needs to be given the bill to pay and allowed to square up before we all start throwing her into the seventh circle. If this never happens again, it was a lesson well learned. If it does, you won't hear a word in defense from me.

Lost in all this is that 2 days after the El Paso Times editorial saying she needed to make herself available to the media, Gonzalez made herself available to one media outlet. The El Paso Times. Of course, the Times is the only El Paso media with a presence in Austin.

Sorry CV, but you can't compare a doctor or air traffic controller job to a rep. That dog wont hunt. The doctor works in the private sector and i dont have to go to him if i want. I can fire him as my doctor. People will sue him and may can get his license suspended. Air traffic controller would probably be fired or checked every time he came to work after an incident like this. And yes, just because she won an election and is on the public dime and can't be fired is the reason she is held to a different standard. Dont worry though, she is a democrat and wont resign. Oh, and by the way, resigning has much more dignity than hanging the bitch!

Tanya, or Josie or whatever you call yourself now. A cushy job is when you can go partying, drive home drunk, and crash and not get fired because you are on the public dime.

Dot, you are so right. Can you imagine if Dee Margo had done this. He would still be swinging and stinking from a tree.

Just telling it like an ass, or whatever you call yourself now, I have one name. Learn it or don't address me. Are you psychotic?

She wasn't at work, so get over it. A doctor or attorney getting drunk after their working hours is none of our concern either.

Actually, word is Dee Margo did do it and it was swept under the rug. Who cares? That is between him and his family. Again, if it is true, no one was killed and hopefully he learned a lesson.

David getting a DUI is none of anyone's concern either. Who made all of us the morality police? If it is during their working hours, it is a problem between them and their employers. If this had happened during her working hours, yes, it is our business as taxpayers who pay her salary. Norma Chavez going to school on our time is a problem. Someone using their position for unethical behavior is a problem.

Why are you such a hater?

As someone who has lost four members of my family to a drunk driver I can state it does not matter what party they belong to. A drunk is a drunk and Naomi is a drunk.

Had it not been for the car in front of her she would have seriously injured or killed the person on the bike.

She needs to go into rehab plain and simple.

One thing is for sure she will soon be back home driving drunk on our roads, endagering lives if she does not seek medical help.

How do you know this, Lisa? While I am sorry for your loss, not everyone who drinks and drives is a drunk. People make mistakes. Unfortunately, alcohol impairs your thinking so you think you are OK to drive. In a perfect world, anyone having even ONE drink should have a designated driver or have them call a cab or take a bus. But the world is not perfect, so what do we do? Someone going to rehab that does not think they belong there does no good.

Maybe we should just outlaw alcohol and only allow marijuana smoking. Colorado is trying to figure out how to test for DUI when marijuana is involved. Let's see how that works out. I'm sure no one has ever been impaired by smoking pot.

Yes - people make mistakes - that doesn't mean they should be condemned to death or placed in terminal rehab.

I'd hit it.

Lets see, more than twice the legal limit and she thought she was fit to drive . I'd say that qualifys as a drunk.

She has a problem and treatment can help. Just ask yourself how many times has she driven drunk and hasn't got caught. Its not good for anyone if you wait for a persons 4th or 5th DUI before they get treatment.

Of course you can wait till she drinks,drives and kills someone to require treatment.

We wouldn't have problems with drunk drivers if people would simply quit making excuses for them.

Not true, Lisa. Because of your personal tragedy, you see things through a cylinder.

Again, anyone drinking thinks they are OK to drive because alcohol impairs their judgement.

You have no idea if she has EVER driven drunk before. Driving at twice the limit does NOT make anyone a drunk. Drinking constantly is a drunk. Do you have proof that she drinks constantly? Please do not accuse someone when you have no proof.

Again, anyone not believing they need treatment will never benefit for treatment.

I hope she did learn her listen from this.

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