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October 16, 2013


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I'm pretty sure that the primary physical issues with Lincoln were left over from the 2006 Floods - rotted walls and mold. Talk about expensive.

The Lincoln Center is in a very bad FLOOD Area. This is going to cost more to clean it up and then what is going to stop the Lincoln Center from the flooding when El Paso gets rain? Holgiun says no to everything but this. Emma and Eddie, how much tax dollars will you be wasting on the flooded ruined Lincoln Center? TXDOT did not want to waste money on this money pit. Emma and Eddie have theirs heads so far up normaaaaaaaaaaaas fat butt, they could not see the TXDOT warning signs.

the area around lincoln center is better now than it was when you were in college. The new saipan park was built after the flood. your deadbeat dad buddy loves the place. he loves the muriels(some people would call graffiti) that are painted on the columns in that area. there are less needles and crack pipes around also. heck, downtown is by far worse when it comes to crack pipes, needles, drugs being sold, vagrants and homeless people being around. just ask billy abraham.

dot, the area didnt really flood in this last little flood we had. the park did flood, but that was mainly because our inept storm water utility couldnt get the pumps going when they needed to be turned on.

If they want a Hispanic cultural center In a piece of shit building.. Fine.. Let their neighborhood pay for it. Who cares if the city wants to build a first class one somewhere else.

A center to celebrate our culture.

Because there is no hint of our culture all over this city. Because we don't have grandparents and parents who can impart that cultural wisdom. Because our entire city identity isn't rooted in the fact that we are on the border. Because no one here remembers how to speak Spanish. Because students at UTEP don't take Chicano Studies as part of their graduation requirement.


Poor you. Forget about that 3rd World shithole across the river. "Chicano Studies." Yeah, I hear Boeing is hiring them by the hundreds. Why not study citizenship and world history and American history so you don't emulate Mexico here, which would make the Controllers even happier to have more docile, non-voters to work their schemes upon.

Tell you what, Rotten, go take a comprehension course and then answer me back.

My entire point was, we already emulate Juarez and we are already inundated with "culture". You can't swing a dead cat without hitting something that is "culturally significant".

And no, I don't want to emulate Juarez. In case you haven't noticed, people flee Juarez. It is a 3rd world country with massive problems. Emulate them? No. Never.

And the reason we "study citizenship and American history" isn't so we won't emulate Mexico here, it's because we live in America. It's our history. It's our country. American history should be required. Chicano Studies is a slant on history, which, in and of itself isn't bad, but it shouldn't be used to hold students and their diploma hostage.

If you want to take Chicano Studies, or Women's Studies, or Underwater Basket Weaving in pursuit of your Multi-Disciplinary Studies major, then by all means, do so. If a student needs a filler course, and they are interested, they can sign up for Chicano Studies.

As for the “Controllers”, I guess you mean voters because they voted to tax the crap out of themselves in the 3 QOL bonds, especially the 2 that had nothing to do with the ballpark.

Finally, if Boeing hasn’t hired you, it’s because you aren’t qualified, not because you are Chicano. Do better in school and you’ll have a shot.

My last name ends in Z. I've lived in El Paso my whole life (late 20s). And I don't speak Spanish and I hate Mexican music. And it's hard to appreciate Mexican art. And if it wasn't for me studying history in college, I would have no idea why I'm here, how it's shaped our country, and why it's important. That's why, David.

Also RP, if you want to fully understand American history, you have to study Chicano/Mexican-American history (The whole Latino vs Hispanic argument is not at all important). In fact, the same for African-American, Irish-American, Chinese-American, Japanese-American, Italian-American, etc. history.

I think many people don't think about this because grades 1-12 history is strictly from the Anglo-American perspective, and are lead to believe that that's what American history is. This is a multicultural country and that needs to embraced and acknowledged.

My name ends in H. Im not even sure why I said that. If you want to fully understand El Paso history you have to study stupid. Bone numbing, shocking and paralysing stupid. Dumb and fat is what we do. And we do it very well.

Patricia...Mexico is not a third world country. I have a feeling you know nothing about economics much less country ratings. You don't have to be a sharp crayon to work in radio.

Short version - we're a four hundred year old city that still makes decisions like a teenager that doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.

What would be interesting is if any of you even understood the issue. Who cares what your last name starts or ends with. Sheesh. Educate yourselves.

The November 2012 election for the QOL bonds did not say the Hispanic Cultural Center would be under the freeway in a dilapidated, mold filled building down from a warehouse district.

City Council - get your heads out of your ass and do what you said you would do when you approved the bond items. TxDOT owns the building - let TxDOT deal with what to do with it.

Or - all the rich Mexicans in town that so love that building should do a fundraiser and save the building, improve it and make it whatever the hell they want it to be.

Is the Lincoln Center LaRaza's "baseball stadium". Funny, funny.

Knoew, I didn't say it was a third world country, Rotten did. I said we didn't need to require a filler course to be a required course for graduation just because we live on the border with Mexico.

As for being a sharp crayon, perhaps when you learn how to spell, you can throw that little bon mot at me.


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