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December 04, 2013


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I agree with Eddie. This program is only a untested pilot that Beto got pushed through but if you the read the fed lege it says not only can a city fund the feds but large private corporations on the border can too. DK is right the feds may slow bridge for spy reasons but I disagree the money will not be used to hire more fed bridge officers...that they may not be used to keep more lanes open is one thing...and I realize there may not be no respondent superior ie now sue feds and city when the new fed officers violate any rights...I find it hard to believe there would not be conflict of interests in doing this arise, one a crafty esquire would surely point out and paint to a jury...while the feds outsourcing everything to private corporations more and more, and these new fed pilot programs going to bed with cities will only lead to less states rights etc and less personal freedom.

Limon head needs to be recalled.

what a crazy ass pendeja! She's lazy.

On the new bridge toll fee increase. Why not put in a "sunset" clause -- so if the program doesn't work -- at a specific date it can be reviewed and ended?

On the golf cart issue. In this area of EP in the past -- had already seen a four wheel motorized cart delivering UPS packages on a back street. It looked like the delivery guy possibly was breaking his truck load into smaller sized deliveries. Don't know if his loads were to businesses, or to individual households.


The carts will be seen in neighborhoods where street speed limits are 35mph or slower.

RE: Bridge tool issue.

Actually Eddie was wrong. First off the revenue being spent is what is being generated by the increase tolls. So there is no negative general fund impact. In fact there will be a positive impact to the general fund as any extra money will be used for bridge infrastructure thereby reducing outflows for bridge infrastructure. As to how the funds will be handles they will be placed into a restricted account, segregated and tracked. Reports will be issued.

Now consider this. Many of the guys bringing trucks from Mexico to the USA are paid by the trip. If they can increase the number of trips due to lower wait times at the bridges that alone will increase bridge revenue coming into the general fund.

The one thing we must stay focused on though is the problem caused by the long wait times to cross the bridges. To continue waiting for the Federal gov to do its job and fully staff the bridges to cut wait times is an exercise in futility because they are not going to do anything. Something had to be done and this pilot program was the result. At least an effort is being made to fix the problem instead of having a bunch of people standing around complaining and getting nothing done.

So lets give it a chance. Who knows it just may work.


It aint going to work because staffing is not the problem. Staffing is what the government tells you is the problem so you'll shut up and go away. The bridges run how they want them to run.

Tell us the problem then. As it stands now the status quo gets nothing done. It does not solve the problem. If we accept your evaluation of the problem then we will see a loss of revenue from the general fund from bridge fees as they will go to Sunland Park and the yet to be completed bridge in the County. Now we can sit around and throw out reasons why proposed solutions will not work and not bother to seek and implement a solution or we can come up with a plan to solve the problem which I believe they have managed to do.

So what do you want. Status quo or a solution?


I don't think you get it. There is no "problem" other than a lack of patience. And Sunland Park has been open for years along with all of the other bridges that aren't the free bridge and people still refuse to use them. There is a single problem at a single bridge - that's it.

And by the way - as volume goes and considering that a car load of stuff has to be inspected, bridge times in El Paso are comparably quicker than customs in an airport. Something that was pointed out repeatedly when similar bill to Beto's was up in the house years ago.

It takes a long time to enter the country - always has and and always will.

Nice work U... David, I think you went off track with your assesment. Every day trade with Mexico is delayed and providing more staff will solve a decades old problem that Silvestre Reyes couldnt ever do anything about......Primarily because he and his loser son weren't as creative as Beto. We are lucky to have Beto in office today. All Silver and Son have left is nasty bitterness. Pretty pathetic cases.


Wait times are not affecting trade. Not one bit. The complainers are americans who go over to do something and get pissed they have to wait a long time to get back. Believe me, I've been in the meetings and it's the Shapleigh Campers of the world who are agonizing over this.

Now, if Mexican businesses said "Nope, not doing business with Americans because the bridge wait times are too long," we'd have a problem. They simply aren't doing that.

the only impediment to trade is a shutdown of the border. Otherwise they wait the wait.

And again - the federal government does not see a problem therefore they do not feel compeled to fix the nonexistent problem.


You are wrong on this one. Time is money. If El Paso companies are relying on suppliers in Juarez, and each week their truckload of goods is delayed for 1 day because they could not get to the bridge early enough. Those loads are delayed to the next day when the driver can get over the bridge. If that happens once a week for 52 weeks, El Paso companies would be missing out on 52 days of lost production oportunity or close to TWO months of poetential billings. That is HUGE. It may be a non existant problem to the Federal government, but it most cvertainly is not for El Paso Business who rely on trade with Mexico. Imagine if your parents firm could add an extra 2 months on to the end of the year. I bet those Christmas bunuses would be a whole lot bigger. I am proud of Congressman O'Rourke and Council for actually doing something to solve this problem.

I think Eddie and DK are right on this one. I don't have a car, so I did the background thing and got a walker $125 Sentri Card...if feels odd legally cutting through the crowd to the quick Sentri walker line...I think those in the trucks may already be getting paid, and I think the mostly Mexican walkers coming in USA on day passes have already weighed the pains and gains thus I think it is mostly the enfrancized Shap Campers bitching.

I dont like Beto's Bill allowing private border corporations to fund feds same way a city now can.

David its just so simple. The flow of traffic is dependent upon the number of lanes open. The more lanes open the shorter the wait time.


I don't disagree. However, the federal government has not agreed with council that the pace of progression through customs is a problem, therefore they are not going to do anything about it.

To put it clearly... City council thinks the wait times are too long and wants to do something about it. The people who control the bridge do not see any problem with the wait times are not inclined to fix something they don't see as broken.

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