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December 30, 2013


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Welcome back asshole, it's been a while.

Describing an event meant to highlight Domestic Violence Awareness month is not a "protest." Unless you're for that type of thing--which wouldn't surprise me considering you're a crypto-misogynist.

Dear Reader, consider DavidK and his contempt for women, especially if they're Hispanic and don't know their place.


Yes, blocking access to city hall during the middle of the day is best way to get the word out about domestic violence. If the subject matter was Marijuana Awareness and there was a gathering - it would be called a protest.

I'm not the type of person to pretend that a gathering of people with an agenda is subject to different treatment due to its subject matter. And given the event was not sanctioned and posed a security risk to the people in the building - it was 100 percent a protest.

Calling DK names doesn't cover up the fact that Limon doesn't know how to go about setting up an event, or know how to conduct herself professionally. Her email hissy was akin to the fit Holguin threw to get Shawver Park. No prior planning, only foot-stomping and breath-holding until they get what they want. Works for kindergartners, right?

Limon's ethnicity and gender have nothing to do with her pitiful day-to-day activities as a City Rep. Eddie Holguin shares her ethnicity, but not her gender, and he is just as pathetic, something that DK points out on a regular basis.

The contempt for Limon and Holguin is because of their dullness of mind, not their biological makeup or ancestry - get it right, and stop making excuses for crappy City Reps.

Lemon seems to think she is still a principal at some school and therefore has a right to dictate all things to all people. She obviously is completely and totally ignorant of how government functions on a local level and most likely state and federal. Talk about calling people dumb asshat's - Lemon and her BFF Acosta fit that description 100%.

The audacity? haha that whack bitch limon is out of control. we need to get rid of her ! she needs to be recalled. I don't know who the hell she thinks she is - pinchi gorda lesbiana lookin troll.

According to the email Limon said she knew several weeks in advance and Ms Wilson gets less than a 24 hour demand for resources?

Ms Wilson is responsible for the entire facility which includes scheduling security for increased crowds. Facility safety is not an "optional" job requirement for her. As City Manager Ms Wilson has not only the right but an obligation to question anyone with plans to use the facility regardless of who they work for.

The lack of planning and basic professional courtesy was unsuprisingly lost on the Limon-F.Acosta shared defective brain cell.

But then again Fermin Acosta is a dishonest low-life who thrives on lies and instigating sh!t wherever, and whenever he can.

And face it Limon is a completely crude and low-class over the hill cholla who thrives on vicious gossip and bullying and it has everything to do with her ethnicity because she has proven on more than one occasion to multitudes of her so called constituents that she is absolutely a hateful vindictive racist.

Who voted for this Limon lady??

Vivian Rojas endorsed her, campaigned for her, and most likely voted for her in exchange for a payment of $800 from Limon.

Would not have been a problem in front of the old city hall that had plenty of room and wasn't built to house a newspaper. The CM f**cked us and, if she gets a little back now and then, well so be it.

Juliet Lozano, who was bcc'd, is the city's PIO. Most likely the person Joyce was referring to who was uncomfortable calling Acosta.

What is that old saying along the lines of you get the government you deserve.

No excuse, though, for Limon who comes across as a hormone challenged diva.

Limon is a racist. She hates white people. She particularly hates white people who are smarter than she is, like Joyce Wilson.

After the Ball Park scam its easy to hate Wilson. Sooner she is gone the better. Limon sucks as a rep, but would Chozet have been better ? Hell no. She would be just another Corporate Welfare sponsor like her buddy Escobar.

I wonder if Limon's district even knows what a disruption she is at City Hall. Her election just goes to show that some people shouldn't vote. They don't know the issues, they don't know the candidates, they don't understand city government. "Getting out the vote" results in having people like Limon on the government payroll.
Chozet would not have been an embarrassment to the people of El Paso. I just pray that Limon's actions stay with the local press and don't go statewide. She's a black eye for our city.

Chozet didnt even know the Park she wrote about in the Times letter to Holguin wasnt even in Holguin's district. Her money came from that fruit in San Fran who was the Taco Bell owner's kid. You know, that chain that had to take the Chihuahua off their commercials.

I'm very troubled by the first post in this thread. I think calling the blogger an "asshat" defeats the benefit of the free exchange of ideas that this forum presents. What would we be if we couldn't work out our differences with civility and respect?

What the hell is an "asshat"? I wonder if it helps cure hemorrhoids...

DavidK is a Jizz jar: "what would we be if we couldn't work out our differences with civility and respect?" A Democrat.

Just kidding. You are correct in your comment (if you truly meant it).

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