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January 03, 2014


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When you see an item like that postponed, you should hear a voice somewhere declaring, "And the bidding is still open!" Someone's vote is still up for grabs by the highest bidder.

Christ, David. All you did for the last 2 years was defend the city and say what an honest, great organization JW runs. It seems you meant the Shaplite fascists and their taste for the Mountainstar kool-aid. Now that they're gone, corruption has crept back in.

Wrong - it was always there.

This new city council is filled with racists. Lily Limon, Eddie Holguin and Emma Acosta are all about rewarding their brown friends with jobs and contracts.

They ran for office and want power because "it's time the brown people in town to get what's due to us".

Idiot Eddie was always ready to pull the race card, but he wasn't involved in this stinky business of postponing and steering business before (although Emma Acosta always was...think Hector Villa), but now that there's a bully majority, he's joined in with them.

They just awarded Emma Acosta's bff Adriana Apodaca a contract, didn't they?

Limon's hired man, Fermin Acosta is also part of it, and he treats city staff like crap. Don't forget, in his loyalty to this brown allegiance, he gave Frank Apodaca back his money when the feds were trying to hold it at GECU.

It's racism. It is why they hate Joyce Wilson (she's white), it's why they want to steer contracts to their fellow brown men (e.g. Lily Limon trying to get Enrique Moreno paid), and while they probably claim to hate racists, they are racist themselves.

But steering contracts for any reason is bad. If there's money changing hands, it's a crime. And this game of postponing...guess who used to do it all the time? Cobos.

RP: JW cannot control what council tries to do in this "delay, postpone, delete, ask leading questions". She doesn't have a damn thing to do with that and can't control that. Get over the baseball thing!!! You never, ever blame the 5 council people that voted to move forward and the Mayor that refused to veto the action. So there's 6 people to blame right now that caused your heartburn. JW doesn't get a vote. Council (past and current) have thrown her under the bus more times than I can count when things don't work out the way they wanted.

CM's can't do shit without a council vote. So get over it RP.

Just; the staff making the recomendations to CC all work for JW. She is responsible for what gets to CC and how they spin it. Got it?

Rotten ..... Your last comment proves how clueless you really are. I used to give you credit until this last post of yours above. Most items placed on the agenda are at the individual council members request. Not JW. Turns out you are an idiot after all...now I'm left with getting behind asshat or just sayin....cause you're a tool conspiracy theorist. I baught into your bs thinking you were an insider....now I know you are just clueless. Dissapointed really.

Just; Purchasing vets 100 percent of proposals. Proposals are usually evaluated and written by the relevant city staff, e.g., engineering, IT and are placed on the agenda by Purchasing. Twice a month CC gets the chance to approve bids. All these people work for the Witch. No bid ever gets on the agenda by a CC rep.

WTF are you smoking?

RP you forget one thing. Pre council on Monday is the place for council to ask their "probing" questions. Reviewing those minutes show that most of them don't show up. One or two items are discussed and then it ends due to a lack of a quorum. All staff is at that meeting to answer questions. Instead council members want to grandstand on Tuesday and ask stupid questions so they look stupid. They have ample time to ask CM staff any damn question they want about an item but they refuse to do it. It's all about TV and showing the citizens how ignorant they are.

Just; of course they want to grandstand. Why else would they run for office except for profit. Best CC money can buy!

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