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January 09, 2014


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So, we have a choice between two candidates each of which as a drinking problem. Is that correct or do I have these two women confused with the other high-class Dem candidates?

a drinking problem? do you live in El Paso? maybe you are thinking of Armando rodriguez. Lying Mess Lyda, has more than a drinking problem-she does NOT pay her dues.not only is she birthing children left & right...this poor excuse of an attorney is throwing stones at all the state reps who took a dollar from the lending agencies.she is an IDIOT.

where do i look to see the federal taxes or her Texas Ethics Commission fines? i havent heard that she owed cash? wouldnt the feds put a lien on her law license or business in lieu of her taking half measures. wtf?

Damaged Goods,

You would go to the Texas Ethics Commission's website.

The IRS would not put a lien against a license.

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