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January 07, 2014


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You would think in the years Emma has been on council that she would have a copy of the CM's contract. Hell, worst case she can request it through an Open Records. What an idiot. My guess is the Queen of El Diario asked a question about the CM's contract and Emma didn't know what she was talking about so the Queen of El Diario sent it to her.

Question: Now that Emma's BFF Larry Medina is in a halfway house on his way to probation - do you think she will appoint him to another city board or commission? Guess he didn't get out early enough to serve on the CM Search Committee. Maybe she can set up lunch with Medina and Villa and they can talk over old times.

We need a CM who is not from here and is not a part of the El Paso sleaze scene and can start afresh. Someone who actually knows how to manage a city because that is what they are doing now.

I agree that Leeser has to take charge of this and not let CC members promote their own favorites (how Cichon,with zero experience other than being the lawyer for Quinn's group got his job over more qualified out-of-town candidates).

WORST NIGHTMARE: Escobar loses her bid for re-election and is anointed CM by the CC.

FIRST PRIORITY OF NEW CM: Clean house in City Hall of DCMs and useless mordidacrats.

RP: Sounds like you are using the same thought/language that was posted in a Letter to the Editor in the EPT regarding the issue of hiring a CM not from El Paso. Wonder if the letter writer and you are the same?

Cichon has done a great job of fixing HACEP. He came after the allegedly corrupt board (which included Medina, D. Escobar and a few other notable people - all appointed by Cook)was thrown out and replaced with a much better group of people. I respect and admire him for the job he has done.

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