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January 08, 2014


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I read Romero's comments in the EPT article today about this issue. Romero is right - at some point people have to take responsibility for their decisions - especially financial ones. It is not the city council's job or purpose to "regulate" personal behavior and responsibility. And if you have been following the issue of "credit counseling" organizations you will learn from some of the best "get out of debt" guru's they are a joke and only add to the problem. If a person wants to get out of debt they can do it - its called budgeting, sacrifice and making the right decisions. Government cannot do that for you.

Bottom line - the Texas House and Senate need to grow a set of balls and take on the Payday lender lobby and fix the loophole in the current Texas law. Its that simple.

Anyone know what happened to local cartoonist Nacho Garcia? I sure do miss his Nachotoons in the Sunday paper. I hope he wasn't fired.

he is waiting for the muench deal

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