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January 14, 2014


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I've pointed out in the past that the cartels were the low cost producers and even with the legal sells in Co. and WA. they still are and they won't be going away anytime soon. So anyone saying the cartels will disappear with legal sales are simply full of it.

lets watch. these pot shops cannot use any banks due to the Justice Dept not allowing any interstate banking with illicit drugs which are still illegal per US law. these cash only businesses will need the cartels to stash their cash.......or get a very large safe

Thing is you can't get a straight answer from staff. They became defensive when I asked questions about it.

You've missed the point about what is wrong with the War on Drugs. It's not that it makes the cartels rich. It's that it's created a nation of criminals. By far the most serious consequences of smoking pot is getting caught and going to jail.
Why should prisons be a growth industry? Look at the state of our prison system. It's overloaded because we have too many non-violent drug offenders incarcerated.
And the War on Drugs has decimated our civil liberties. That is the hammer that the government uses to harass and intimidate its non-ovine citizens. If you don't have any pot, the government can give you some, and then arrest you.
Yeah, organized crime will exist with or without legalized drugs. And drug use will take place with or without the War on Drugs. But if we quit the War on Drugs, we save a lot of money, and potentially get some civil liberties back.

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