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January 14, 2014


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cannot wait to see the results.....that is a bitchin perspective that is probably going to make you a prophet.....

"It’s time to start asking harder questions about how staff and council are coming to their decisions."

Duh, like when Wilson was downloading terms directly from MS to CC for enactment? Makes you ask what do we pay these bureautards to do for us- think?

Apparently not.

CC used the same logic they used for the $50MM stadium that the HOT paid for.

Thing is you can't get a straight answer from staff. They became defensive when I asked questions about it - See more at:

Comparing 25k spent on lights to 4.5 million on this deal is not an equal comparison.

You are absolutely correct. I will spell it out for the non-contracting crowd what is bogus on this bid.

Basic IDIQ has provided apprenticeship information for various subcontractors. As such purchasing evaluates them as being responsive. They have "provided" the information. However, what they have done is skated the rules of the bid by just playing dumb. Although based on there estimating, maybe they are not playing.

Luckily FT James provides us a wealth of information on the work that is actually involved on the project. The following is a list of trades found on the project. For explanation this is not the actual companies but the trades that are involved. The city has a list of trades that require an apprentice. This is irrespective of the actual company.

They are:
bricklayers, carpenters, masons, electricians, operating engineer(think heavy equipment operator/Dirtwork), plumber, ironworker, and possibly HVAC.


The final documents submitted from IDIQ only provide apprenticeship information for three of those trades, HVAC, electrician, and the roofer. I guess Basic IDIQ is not going to perform those other functions on the project. Sure maybe they did get a lower bid, but they sure as hell have not met the bid requirements. WAIT YOU SAY, Basic IDIQ is going to self perform all those other functions. As theydidn't list a subcontractor for those trades that is the assumption. They certainly have that right, assuming the have the expertise, manpower, licensing, equipment, etc., to do that. However, even if they have to perform that work themselves, they have to have their own apprentices registered to Basic IDIQ when they perform that work. This paperwork is quietly left out of the bid and not addressed.

This is nothing more than either blatant corruption of the purchasing department,(quite possibly) or abject stupidity by purchasing department of what their documents even call for.(even more possible)

What is absolutely amazing is that none of this matters as the project is awarded, and virtually cannot be rescinded at this point. (Think lost profit lawsuit from Basic IDIQ) Once again an out of town contractor waltzes in, schmoozes someone at city hall, skips out on on the rules and regulations and walks away with the work.

On a sidenote neither FT James or Vemac has 3 million dollars in OH&P on this project. Both are need of additional projects and probably bid this project at 3-5% in gross OH&P. Both of them are looking at actual costs in the 6.9-7.2M range.


My issue is what's to stop the companies that bid $7.5 million from doing the exact same thing you think the company that bid $4.5 million is going to do?

Also do you have a link to the proposed design of the park? You mention how ugly it's going to be multiple times but I can't see anywhere that shows how it will look.

Exactly Riburn...I'm starting to wonder if Basic IDIQ not being a local is being reprimanded by this piece for putting together the only HONEST bid.
Guess they're not part of the good ole boy club of contractors deciding who gets what for the fluffy over exaggerated engineers estimates. Even more concerning is why Limon voted against a low bid after the low bidder pleaded his case. Why would Limon give a shit about trying to award a contract for 3MM dollars higher to a local company doing work outside her district. What's the deal with Limon voting against the low bidder? That's the story. Weird???


When you bid things correctly you don't need to invent change orders to survive.


Out of town firms picked up bid packages and refused to bid the project as well. Out of town firms are also pissed such an irresponsible bid was accepted. The outrage is by the entire contractor community. Believe me - I'm hearing from everyone.

Apparently Basic IDIQ has some weird deal with the housing authority as well. I'm looking into it.

The city resolution adopting an Apprenticeship Program states the "general contractor AND subcontractors are required to show they are in a DOL approved apprenticeship program through a sponsoring agency (AGC, SSCA, etc). That was not done on this bid by Basic IDIQ. The city doesn't have the budget to pay more than what Basic bid so no matter what responsive or non-responsive it goes to the low bidder. The test will be if Engineering actually enforces the contract terms and forces Basic to construct the project according to plans and specs.

Lets be honest here about the money. The city has the money to spend. This whole money issue is just a distraction.

You got it nailed
The best bids generally come from the 2d quartile, or near the median; the lowest guys missed something big, the highest guys are trying to figure how other people bid
That's why you want to see at least 6-8 bids, and why the engineer should provide a takeoff, but not an estimate. Many engineers don't build stuff, so they should not do cost estimates
I've seen cost-to-build estimates by public agencies by using line item proposals from previous bids, up to a couple years old. You gotta be completely stupid to indulge in this
There are firms out there who will provide excellent cost estimates for a fee, but public agencies generally do not program this into their own costs. They should

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