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February 24, 2014


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they also don’t want you renovating one of the old pieces of crap in their neighborhood either.....i dont agree David. Manhattan Heights has some huge homes going through renovations. these arent pieces of crap. some are old mansions that need some love. tolbert supports this im sure

I'm not against bulldozing all the old buildings downtown to get them off the tax rolls since they don't pay tax, anyway, but we do have to provide necessary public services for them. Then there can be some honest redevelopment downtown.

The infill I see here along Mesa is great, IMHO. The traffic is getting intolerable, though.

As far as east side American Dream sprawl, no problemo as long as it pays for the capital costs associated with it, like parks, libraries, police and fire stations. But it doesn't.

David's problem is that he actually believes the builders and his parents, who think that people who don't own property should not be allowed to vote. In David's perfect world, the Borderplex would be our defacto CC or at least have veto power over the CC, a kind of local House of Lords. That way, they can keep sucking El Paso dry through implicit and explicit (e.g., Woody World) tax subsidies for their developments. They don't even have to live in the mess they create; they have their getaways in Ruidoso and La Jolla where there is more ambiance and fewer kids next door.

But if David is living in 900 ft sq apartment inside the DC Beltway, I can understand why he wants a country estate on the east side of El Paso. Curmudgeon Peppers would, too, but the on east side of somewhere else, not El Paso. Maybe Santa Fe.

i agree the infill along mesa is awesome. they are turning hills into developments. yay. what about all the eateries that pop up and pop down within 6 months. a boon to the city in food and liquor license departments? great idea, pay taxes and you can vote.......

I see david has just repackaged his anti impact fee argument. Not working on anyone. You can't even be honest about it being a fee. You call it a tax.


Your ignorance is showing. You are proving more and more why you shouldn't be allowed to speak at council - you don't even know the basic definition of a tax.

RP: I don't have a dog in this fight. I have never said that people who don't own property shouldn't vote. You are misinformed. Keep you comments about David's opinions on David. Leave me out of it.

David The PSB lacks the authority to levy a tax so they cannot pass a tax or levy one.

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