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February 25, 2014


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If what David writes here is true, then Ness-Garcia is in a lot of trouble. Reporting a crime that never happened to law enforcement is in itself a crime. Ness-Garcia faces prison and/or a hefty fine if she is found to have falsely reported this crime. Interesting to see how this develops.

She wants to look like Nancy Kerrigan but in the end she is the Tonya Harding of local politics. Another low class drama queen like Norma.

Wonder if she drank too many refreshments at lunch and fell down on her front lawn and decided to make up a story about that.

Let's suspend reality for a while and if this alleged attack is true, then hopefully they find the alleged attackers ASAP and the crime-ridden area of Kern Place can be at peace.

The victim card just keeps getting checked off: divorced, single parent, financial hardship, cancer survivor and minority Latina woman, now a victim of crime to cap it off.

She apparently never got schooled on how to be an effective advocate. If you're a cancer survivor, one steps up, promotes and gets involved like say Estela Casas, who does her best to help other women in battling and overcoming the disease. What you DONT do is go out partying and hooking up. If you're in financial hardship because of poor choices in ex husbands and office accountants, and you're a single parent, then don't hire full-time live at home nannys to raise your children while you're out with friends every night. If you're going to save the world, don't try to use your children as an excuse for not being able to show up to board meetings or work, then turn around and pride yourself in being a single mom who does it all. IF you're assaulted, then you immediately send out information of the description of the alleged attackers so that others will be safe. You don't post on Facebook your whereabouts then alert the media that you're ok. If you truly cared about others, you want THEM to be ok. And finally, you don't send out a message to all your well-wishers that you're badly bruised but undaunted.

I'm sorry. But for all the true middle-class single mothers out there who have overcome divorce or death of spouse thus causing them to be single with children, run their own businesses or have three jobs, with no help from live in nannys and still manage to pay taxes and not fall into over one million in debt her excuses are a slap in the face.

If this is true, then it's probably the only truth she's told. But after crying chicken little and her known antics in the courtroom of breaking down and crying when things aren't going her way, it's difficult to feel sorry for her much less believe her.

Representative Marquez has shown much class, style and professionalism during all of this.

This is common ploy among family law attorneys handling divorce cases. They claim assaults, entering in habitation in frightful assaulting manner by the other partner. I bet the story changes as details emerge.

I'm not inclined to believe anything Ness says. If it is found that she filed a false report I expect that the appropriate charges are filed by law enforcement, the ethics commission and the board that oversees lawyers.

a response to U. she may just add up the tally for what she already owes. but heck,she is above the law.Ness the mess, is darn sure not paying fines or doing time.she is used to getting her own way.what a Big Mess.cry wolf too many times & you all know the rest of that story.What suckers for those who actually believed her!

I doubt there will be any charge of false police report, actually false report are not prosecuted that much, for one, residually it would chill the First Amendment, for two no report is a worser evil than a false report. The facts here are too fuzzy and unknown for a false report out of it, short of a confession or the two alleged confederates stepping forward for a he said she said.

A simple laying on of the hands can at times be a assault ie touching shoulder etc.

I surely expect no false police report charge
as facts now stand, for one fear itself is too subjective.

She says she was attacked in her yard and that she has a welt on her face and scratches. It sounds to me like what happens if you fall into shrubbery.
I read about this last night on Facebook, a post by one of her supporters, who wholeheartedly believes the story. (He has pictures to prove it.) At the time, I wondered about his naivete.

From Facebook:

Political campaigning reached a new low today in El Paso when my friend, Lyda Ness-Garcia, who is running for a state representative seat, was attacked and beaten by two men. The attack occurred this morning in her back yard as she was taking her trash out. They pulled her by the hair, choked her, punched her and scratched her. It is clear from their vulgar statement to her, which included clear threats, that this was an effort to intimidate her and cause her to rethink her candidacy.

Bruised and battered as she is, she is unbent and ever more resolved to see this campaign through to the finish. Her hope and mine is that anyone with knowledge of or any information regarding this crime will come forward and assist EPPD and the Texas Rangers in their investigation.

And to any doubting Thomas' out there - and unfortunately there are some, this is very real. I have seen the bruises, the scratches, the welt on her cheek and choke marks on her neck and I have the pictures to prove it.

Let's finish this El Paso and let's keep it safe and clean!

Me: it's the Tonya Harding strategy and Ness is no Nancy Kerrigan.

Let's get back to focussing on the real train wreck this season. Norma and her posts are painful. Half the people in her campaign run pics are family showing up to her fund raisers. It's painful to see if you know her crowd. Especially since her parents were so generouse! Feel horrible for them. Who is consulting her? How does she think after her behavior in and out of the legislature and worse...her public behavior of shaming people publicly on FB...how does she think she has a chance leveraging her parents retirement money. She does have balls of steel, and her parents should be commended for their support. God Bless them. Good luck Norma...and I say this only because I know you but disagree with your actions..but hate to see your folks cash gambled.

A lying Lawyer-surprise, surprise !!!I had this Mess for a lawyer,what a worthless,slacker.Good luck for whomever supports this poor individual.ness the mess, is not playing with a full deck.The last name Garcia(for political purposes)she bought.Thats right,she is Not Latina.
msg for Lying Lyda-quit throwing your children under the bus,& accept responsibility for your actions.

KVIA was the first to post the actual police report. They were also the only ones to mention the most important part of this story which is that this is a very serious accusation considering Ness only has one opponent.

Has anyone ever seen Ness and Norma together? Is it possible that Norma is really Ness in a fat suit?

"It wasn't me" your post is stupid. She got drunk and fell you idiot. You must really know your friend you moron.

She has weird welts and bruises all over her body. Seems suspicious.

rough sex.

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