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February 06, 2014


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Where is Emma Acostas dollars? She said she would donate during a council meeting. Typical grandstanding. Norma even ponied up for Eddie "Ohhhlldguin". Nice to see they are friends again.

Emma was going to pay from her discretionary funds which is TAXPAYER MONEY. I guess someone brought that to her attention so she thought twice about it.

I am SO surprised Paul Foster, his lovely wife, nor the Hunts donated. Maybe Holguin should be a little more civil to people.

The cost of this plus the cost of the special election should be taken from the last of his paychecks.

What a joke. He thinks robocalls are going to win him the election. Apparently he even bought some sort of autodialing program to make more calls. Pathetic.

eddie did not show his face at this mornings City Council meeting. Taxpayers funded the lights. Turn off the lights the party is over. eddie wasted over $8,000 of tax payer money.

eddie holguin went on two local radio shows today (saturday) four names gave eddie holguin $1,000. jop mentioned a poll that has eddie holguin at 35%. What poll is jop looking at? At the end of the khro 1150 Abel allowed eddie holguin play his robo call using eddie holguins little girl asking people to vote for eddie. Did eddie pay khro to play the robo call? Abel did say he was going to vote for eddie. Hector recused himself for some reason.

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