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February 17, 2014


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DAMNIT NORMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The respectable news source that can't spell or write good English. Not that most of the city knows the difference.

Stay out of this Rotten.

I don't know about there being not being any undecided voters, Davy. I mean, most folks don't give it a lot of thought until candidates shake them out of their sleep.

Did you see the lame El Paso Times endorsement of Delia Briones for county clerk? The EPT believes Briones deserves reelection because she has modernized the office and focused on customer service. The EPT did not mention the fact that Delia Briones defended a child porn Parra in court. David K. wrote about it.

Pay close attention to the County Clerk race. I watched a debate on PBS last week moderated by David Crowder. Briones never showed up. Valerie Sanchez is running against Briones for County Clerk was very good. The other candidate backed up what Valerie Sanchez said. We need a change in the County Clerks office. This is the opportunity to vote out the Briones. I am voting for Valerie Sanchez for County Clerk.

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