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June 02, 2014


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I tend to agree the Activists should have tried to save the Lincoln Center decades ago.I understand TXDOT owns the property and has for a long time. If the facts now were even a inverse taking the city and activistb would have a hard row. But since TXDOT owns it, it has immunity...sure City got a Ex Parte TRO because Texas law allows a TRO to issue with just one party eg TXDOT was not at the hearing...so City sugar coated their plea to court...but to me below shows TXDOT would have won in court...so city sitting down with TXDOT is good..but could TXDOT sell the Center to City? Maybe but if law does not require TXDOT to sell it at fair market then
TXDOT would make a killing to the over willing buyer.

City of Edinburg, No. 13-09-00159-CV(Tex.App. Dist.13 08/26/2010)COURT OF APPEALS THIRTEENTH DISTRICT OF TEXAS CORPUS CHRISTI - EDINBURG 2010.TX.0007671 "The City and TxDot concede that the Texas Constitution waives sovereign immunity for inverse condemnation claims. See Gen. Servs. Comm'n v. Little-Tex Insulation Co., 39 S.W.3d 591, 598-99 (Tex. 2001). They argue, however, that a proper inverse condemnation claim necessarily requires a showing that the claimant had a compensable interest in the property. See Tex. Dep't of Transp. v. City of Sunset Valley, 146 S.W.3d 637, 644 (Tex. 2004). If API/Paisano do not have a compensable interest in the property, then TxDot and the City are immune from suit under the doctrine of sovereign immunity."

This seems to be a trend in the city - to divert bond money away from its stated purpose to fund pet projects or whatever. Now the Lincoln Center and maybe the UMC clinic money being "repurposed" per Valenti.

There is no accountability here.

Yes the City diverted Rapid Bus funds to Luther
building rehab...I am not read up the $68 Million Children Hospital - UMC allegations but
man seems heads should roll.

That's why council formed the Bond Oversight Committee - to bird dog the roll out of the QOL projects. So Limon has bypassed the Bond Oversight Committee completely and moved on without their input. So much for accountability Limon. As long as its for la Raza, accountability is no big deal.

This same council does not want to sell anymore bonds for QOL or even Capital projects because they don't want to increase the debt which equals increased tax rate for debt. So at least until 2017 voters are screwed in getting what they wanted when they voted in 2012 for the $400M+ bond issue.

Does the Bond Oversight Committee have legal authority to veto these out-of-purpose projects?

Nope - they are strictly an advisory board and can recommend all they want - but council can ignore them and do what they want. It's a ploy to make the public think council gives a damn about keeping their promise. I guess since Limon and Leeser came in after the bond vote they feel they don't have to support what the voters did.

It appears the City can't buy the Lincoln Center at a steal without a Senate or House Bill next year...see below

"Senate Bill 1670 and House Bill 2979, which are identical bills, allow the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to sell a piece land in Livingston for the amount it was first purchased for in the 1970s. The land, which TXDOT does not plan to use, will be the site for the Polk County Angelina College center. Texas law usually requires TxDOT to sell land at current, fair market prices, but this legislation will allow the agency to sell the land in Livingston for the original purchase price. This will dramatically lower the cost to acquire a building site."

Here's what Leeser should ask himself, "Would I hit up Hyundai for a charitable contribution to save the Lincoln Center?"

If the answer is "yes", then hit up Hyundai. In addition to "saving" the Sun Bowl, Leeser and Hyundai will have saved an asbestos-filled building.

If the answer is "no", then don't hit up city because the reasons why you wouldn't hit up Hyundai still apply with the City.


What happened yesterday with Limon's bribery suite item?

Im so sick of hearing you crybabies whine about the ball park....wah wah wahhhhh!!

Get outta here already...its done.

Understand this about Lincoln Center. It's owned by TxDOT. It sits in TxDOT's right of way. As a result they can take it at any time therefore making any investment into it will be a waste of money. THe interchange will continue to expand. If it's not demolished now it will occur later.

As to the meeting that was called that started this that meeting was called illeaglly. Under Texs law 551.045 (b)
An emergency or an urgent public necessity exists only if immediate action is
required of a governmental body because of:
an imminent threat to public health and safety; or
a reasonably unforeseeable situation.

There was no imminent threat to public health and safety and since the demolition of Lincoln Center became public knowledge in February of this year there was no reasonably unforeseeable situation therefor the emergency meeting called was illegal and all actions resulting from that meeting are also illegal.

The 'saving' of Lincoln Center is only the first, least significant step. Jose Rodriguez said he wants the money to renovate the LC turned over to the 'preservationists' and they'll handle everything. Super idea, Jose, but then what?

Who is going to pay the electric, water, gas, insurance, janitors, security, maintenance crews? Who is going do the booking of events? Oh yeah, Lemon Limon has figured that out - she wants to pay Miguel Juarez 50K to be the 'director' at the LC. She says there is going to be an 'interview process', but if he is the best candidate, "so be it". I wonder if he'll be the best candidate? hmmmmmmm.......

The point of this rant is, it's all well and good to figure out how much you can spend buying something, but you need to factor in the day-to-day costs. You might be able to afford the car payment, but can you put gas in it? What about your Fred Loya payment? Is it going to end up on blocks when you get a flat, or can you buy a new tire?

The 'preservationists' will have the Lincoln Center up on blocks within 3 months, we'll be out taxpayer money, and TxDOT will bulldoze the building anyway.

Tear that stupid piece of junk down.

This whole thing is getting worse by the day. One fiasco after another.

We already know that Wilson and Niland made the decision over a year ago. They don't care, they're going to have a cultural center, downtown, one way or another! But, first they have to destroy the Lincoln building to justify building the center.

Then you have a El Paso type hiring processing. Hiring close friends and floating a name before the process begins. Then even worse, the guy, Limón favors, posted a racist poster on the internet and allowed the protest to be hijacked by ant-white Mexican revolutionaries. What a great way to solidify a following to save the building. Just alienate a portion of the city's population. Then accuse TXDot of plotting to erase the Mexican culture and of all outrageous and exaggerated charges, to eliminate the El Paso Mexican population via genocide! Then believing stating regrets about the poster and slandering the man is ok. That doesn't cut anymore than allowing any public figure to make racist statements. They had been cautioned, a couple weeks ago, that it was not a good idea. They became angry about getting the advice.

Then we have city council can't make up it mind. TxDot is determined to destroy the building because it interferes with automobile flight plans. Perhaps the FAA should investigate. Then TxDot owns the building but it doesn't. Can't sell it but can lease it but can take the building anytime it wants. TxDot offers the murals but no one steps up to develop contingency plans for that possibility.

Then you have a group left over from the sixties and trying to relive those days by running up and down the streets with outdated " power to the people" or "off the pigs" or "down with the white devil". This group can't claim a single accomplishment except to cause race agitation. It almost like they borrowed Al Sharpton's play book. Absolutely no relevance except to cause friction between the races in a very diverse city. They have hoodwinked the neighborhood into believing they are helping while just using them for furtherance of a personal agenda.

A good community cause that has gone amuck because of a few self proclaimed super Mexicans. Only if you agree with them are you, super brown. The brownest of the brown. The Mexican version of David Duke
politics. These comments have to said to stop racism in any form for the sake of the city.

there are lots of punks who will trade probation time to create a silly mural. are they serious about taking an old adobe/plaster wall out unscathed? that will cost money. let that neighborhood pay for all the costs if they want to celebrate their culture. i will celebrate their culture downtown after some 15$ martinis and some 20$ tapas. got chile?

This city needs fewer lemons and more coconuts.

hey rotten crotch, coconut is a derogatory term used against mexicans. so do you know any useful coconuts?

damaged goods, coconut is what other people say when they encounter someone who is proud of their heritage, but also strives to move forward. Our parents went to school, had careers, raised kids in neighborhoods that people like Rotten thumb their noses at because they aren't the "old neighborhood".

You're supposed to want each generation to do better than the last. People like Rotten only want to kick back in their mom's basements. That's all they want to do, and if anyone manages to make it out of the basement, Rotten will do it's best to pull them back down.

Go ahead, Rotten. Spew your best in 3,2,...

Patricia, you can't even tell that Rotten was giving you a compliment by calling you a coconut. He was saying this city needs fewer lemons(as in Limon, as in chicano, as in chola) and "more" coconuts(as in those that don't think that graffiti, being a chicano, or being a cholo lowrider is a part of their culture).
And your in Communications ?

Ponce, calling someone a name is never a compliment. How about saying, "Golly, what we need around here are more people who 'don't think that graffiti, being a chicano, or being a cholo lowrider is a part of their culture'", instead of lobbing a word that is universally known to be a derogatory term at them?

By the way, the word you were so desperately trying to use, but failed miserably, is 'you're', not 'your'. Yes, Ponce, I am in Communications.

Oh, you caught me. I left out the punctuation mark. Is that like you "getting your hair did " ?


Conscious use of a slang term for comedic effect =/= ignorant misuse of common words. But you knew that, right?

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