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June 09, 2014


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TxDot says one thing and city politicians hear another and start planning $50,000/year jobs for their cronies. TxDot couldn't be more clear - get your stuff and get out. Leeser's been a big disappointment.

The big difference between Leeser (who said nothing about what he would do when he ran for Mayor) and Steve Ortega, is that Ortega was honest and open about what he had done and what he would do. You have to admire Ortega - whether you liked him or not - he didn't mislead, lie, or stay silent about his agenda. Kind of refreshing in this day and age of politicians that run on one theme and do the opposite when they get elected.

Leeser is a nice man, means well - but is certainly out of his league when it comes to leading and building consensus on council.

If the new CM leaves sooner rather than later it might be because he will have decided there isn't enough money, time or patience to put up with mayor and council and their appetite for taking pot shots at the CM, DCM's and department heads. Its just one nasty group up there. At least Dr. Noe will apologize publicly when the name calling starts - his mother raised him right.

Leeser has proven one thing his mother always says - he is a boy. He wasn't man enough to step up and take a stand either way on the ballpark, and he hasn't been man enough to do anything but be a wishy washy Charlie Brown on Council.

You're right just sayin'. At least with Steve you had a guy who had the balls to say what he meant no matter the consequences to his own political career.

Just; you are correct to say that Ortega was an open book. We knew exactly what he would do: anything Paul and Woody asked him to do. Was it S50k or $75k that the Hunts and Fosters sent his way?

Dear Rep Lemon face, I will do the job for 45,000 !

I might have to leave town if Leeser is our "strong mayor." It's painful enough to have Limon (I-hate-gringos)on council but to have Leeser (no-plans, no-clue)would be too much.

The "palabra" for her......RACIST

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