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June 12, 2014


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The "smart people"? You mean the ones whose actions created this backlash? Hah! It is just starting.

When we learn how Ortega was financed by $50K of Hunt and Foster money, can you get it that there are people who do not believe that their CC rep and CM are representing their common interests?

Until that changes or the seats change occupants, expect the worst.


if by "backlash" you mean completely sold out games and a community who loves the stadium - then yes I agree.

If not... then you must explain what backlash you are talking about. You elected an idiot mayor who not only didn't stop the ballpark, but spent more money on it and now he's squandering away city resources fighting over seating assignments. Great job you did there!

DK; the backlash is the hi jinks you are reporting re: Limon. No one condones this, but it is to be expected as a reaction to the taxpayer rape by your friends in the building and investor community.

As for the stadium, how is the 2% HOT doing? Will it cover the bond payments? Because that could be the next big flare up on whether the city should cut services to bail out the bonds. Exchange hot dogs for library books?

RP will be stumping to let the bonds default. The investors were dumb enough to buy them.

Oh, and while I'm at it, how is San Jacinto Plaza coming along? Has BasicIDQ come begging for change orders?

RP: Blame Engineering 100% for any issues relating to San Jacinto Plaza and Basic IDIQ. Engineering answers to NO ONE! They do what they want and they could give a s**t less what the public thinks.

You are totally off base on relating the financing of the ballpark with Limon's whining about use of the suite. It's Politics. Plain and Simple. Has NOTHING to do with the financing, construction or success of the stadium. It's purely to attack other council members. Roll the tape back to 4-5 weeks ago when Ric Schecter was bitching about the public using the box and Limon was the first to speak up and absolutely defended the use of the box by council and city employees!! She was a cheerleader for it. After that - her puppet master re-educated her on what her position was supposed to be, thus we have the political games going on now.

San Jacinto Plaza looks like a WWI system of trenches because the only people overlooking the project work for the City. In the meantime, the public/private partnership of the ballpark has national writers raving about how fabulous the SUP is - great food, amazing architecture, a thrilled fan base that turns out every night to watch their team.

Yeah, Rotten, a huge backlash against the ballpark!

DK, you're right, there should never have been a City Suite. They should put it back up on the market so one of the other companies who would love to buy it, can.

Lily Limon is just the latest reason why we can't have nice things.

rotten, the backlash will come when property taxes have to be raised to cover what the hot tax wont. it wont even cover the interest and 10 years later we will still owe the entire amount because none of the principle will be paid down in the next 10 years to try and not raise taxes. when that happens there will be hell to pay. the suite should be put on the market, but that was there for ortega(oops, he lost), wilson(oops, she's gone), and chozet(oops, she lost even after taco bell gave her big bucks).

Just so you know the revenue source (parking) for retiring the debt on the Plaza is no longer enough to cover its debt service requirement. Add in the Hot Tax that is not going to meet projections, the underfunded Police and Fire Pension Fund and basic services expect one of two things to happen and that is a tax increase or a cut in services. Possibly both.

Understand the reason they want to move projects up is so they can hide a tax increase within the rhetoric that moving projects up means higher taxes.

Oh did you know our library was on the verge of losing its accreditation. So the city bought a vew books to delay it but it will come back up and soon.

BTW the city wants to sell 73 million in CO's. Its on Tuesdays agenda. You can stop this by filing a petition and forcing the City to put it to a vote.

Here. Look at (c)

(c) If before the date tentatively set for the authorization of the issuance of the certificates or if before the authorization, the municipal secretary or clerk if the issuer is a municipality, or the county clerk if the issuer is a county, receives a petition signed by at least five percent of the qualified voters of the issuer protesting the issuance of the certificates, the issuer may not authorize the issuance of the certificates unless the issuance is approved at an election ordered, held, and conducted in the manner provided for bond elections under Chapter 1251, Government Code.

(d) This section does not apply to certificates issued for the purposes described by Sections 271.056(1)-(4).

the library? who uses the library? what a joke. im heartbroken. btw, where is the public library? only sexual deviants know. i wouldnt care if they lost accreditation. who cares? this renter/leeser town will pay dearly in the next few years. wheres hector?

btw, isnt there a recall petition for the lemon in place? she is a mean old hag who hates everything except chubby guys with juarez in their name. imagine if you were her husband? ewwwww.

Somebody point me to where I can sign this Limon recall petition, I live her district and will drive across town at rush hour to sign that thing if I have to. In my opinion, she is a bad person set out to do bad things at the communities expense. She needs to go!


The only thing that never changes here is that the city is not your friend, and by "your" I mean the average taxpayer/homeowner. it does nor represent your interests and. cynically, knows that it can always pull the wool over your eyes on things like COs and stadium votes because you (and 90%) don't care enough to even vote, much less follow the issues.

You elect a La Raza whom you believe will speak for you, but she speaks for La Raza and her hormones, not for what is needed for the city, like libraries, parks, and fiscal responsibility.

So you are partly to blame and you get the government you deserve, one that works for the elite few who can afford to payoff your reps with fat campaign contributions, even after they've lost! The city works for them, not you, Damaged. So keep on laughing and paying.

hey damaged, my employees use the public library. my wife uses the public library. even rents movies from it. have you gone to a baseball game ? then you probably passed it you stupid ass.

yes. im the dumbass. i passed it on google maps yes. but in real life, i will never set a foot downtown til im arrested. yes, im a stupid ass. im so glad you have employees that are still learning how to read. awesome. ill hire them.

The ONLY people who should be using the City ballpark box are those who are responsible for entertaining visitors who might move to or invest in El Paso. Human Resources used the box? Environmental Services? Give me a break. Sell the box. Recall Limon. And, please, do not elect Leeser to a second term. There is still hope for El Paso, an El Paso without racists on Council and someone with a brain in the mayor's seat.

The stadium does not sell out every night. It falls a few thousand short most of the time. That's less than 1% of El Paso going. Private/public partnership is fascism by definition. Look it up Patty.

Depends on how you count a sell out. Some team owners count season tickets towards a home game sell out even if they don't show for the game; some count only those coming through the turnstile on game night - which may not actually be a sell out based on actual attendance. Either way - 8,000+ tickets are reported as sold for each home game so far. Revenue is revenue - whether it occupies a seat or not.

cd: There is nothing Fascist about a public / private partnership. Fascism is a dictatorial governmental system based on nationalism and racism with the total rejection of liberalism and democracy. Fascist has simply become a pejorative term without any basis on the actual definition of the word.

Phoenix Daughter: Public/Private partnership by definition is fascism. Look it up. Public risks and private profits.
“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
― Benito Mussolini

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