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June 11, 2014


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If you are correct (and I don't believe you are) City Hall needed a housecleaning of those who made the ball park possible by stealing our right to a yes/no vote, like the Witch. They deserve to be sacked as an example to future bureautards who think they can ingratiate themselves to The Club by embracing Wilsonian trickle-up economics.

BTW, I believed you when you said that city council and Mayor Cook had abdicated their responsibilities to the city manager. If these people are on the street, that too is part of her legacy.

You don't know the half of it.

U; what is the other half? Because I still don't believe what DK has reported. If it were true, Carmen would be top-of-the-purge-list. Then Firth but she still seems to be on the payroll.

Its what is bubbling under the surface at this point in time.

RP: as usual your absolute obsession with all things JW clouds your judgment and common sense. Carmen and Almonte are safe! They are Hispanic and if you will remember of the 8 finalists presented to council 6 were in house candidates and 4 of the 6 were non-Hispanic and those 4 didn't get into the final 4. So - the message to business, community, all the US - El Paso is a closed society for non-Hispanics. Don't apply, don't come. Limon made DAMN sure non-Hispanics were not allowed in the CM process.

Carmen is a very competent, very professional person and she has done a great job whether you want to believe it or not. Unfortunately she will forever be tied to the JW era and the hatemongers in this town will never let her forget it.

What DK says about staff being told to leave is true.....but its a personnel issue and will never see the light of day through any ORR's.

"Carmen is a very competent, very professional person..."

Like the stadium business case and flubbed bond issue? What is that going to cost us? Nope, she is a phony and needs to hit the bricks, though I'm sure Paul and Woody will pick her up for services rendered.

"What DK says about staff being told to leave is true.....but its a personnel issue and will never see the light of day through any ORR's..."

So, it is not a pro-stadium supporter purge and DK is off the wall, as usual? These are just bureautards who need to go. Right?

No...the DTEP...as you like to say...(down town El Paso) real estate transactions and development prove that DTEP tax base will continue to grow and increase the city coffers for years to come. You and your naysaying ilk have proven yourselves to be stagnant and argumentative for the last 40 years...this killing DTEP with your politics. I don't pretend to know your motive others than political revenge...for what ever reason you have..but to say that DTEP is not in the middle of a renaissance would be disengenous at best and lacking in the facts if what is really happening to the DTEP tax base that continues to grow...you may have 1 more year of bitching about Joyce Wilson...but ultimately she will be proven right..with time..like say tommorow....and you and your claw back gang of naysayers will ultimately go away as you always do. Congratulations on your groups opinion for the last 50 years...it destroyed downtown..your ideology and your ilk past and present placed us here. You should be proud... You and your ankle biting ilk accomplished nothing but stagnation. New members of council seek to return to that form of "growth and pridperity" thru stagnation and no cooperation...coupled with a huge slice of racism on your ilks part. Good luck with that..you are relegated to irrelevance now.. Keep up the good work!!!

Pal, my neighborhood pays more tax than DTEP. It is a money pump that transfers tax revenue from homeowners to a parasitic investor/speculator class. DTEP has never paid its share of tax and never will, as new or rennovated structures will be exempt for years.

Our program is simply to allow a free market to run and to get rid of the corporate welfare leeches.

You are so full of it Rotten Panties. Do you really think anyone but you believes the things you write?


It's so obvious to anyone that reads your posts that you don't give a damn about this community, you only care about revenge because you didn't get your way.

This class envy obsession you have dominates and distorts your entire thought process and comes screaming through every word you write.

How do you expect anyone to take you seriously or lend any credibility to what you say when you are so blatantly biased in your responses?
You think that helps your cause or somehow works to convince people you are right?

Here's a tip, any use of the phrases:
"parasitic investor/speculator class"
"corporate welfare leeches"
automatically puts you deep into the crazy box.
Familiar surroundings I'm sure...

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