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June 27, 2014


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So tell us. Who were the last strong mayors that were crooks ? Wardy ? Caballero ? Ramirez ? Francis ? Rogers ? Do tell ?





David, That is the worst post I've ever read. It says nothing -- no facts, only suppositions. You may be right but, who cares?

Wasn't Shang hired by The Witch? Not exactly a family member.

I see, too, where she set up one of her flying monkeys (Carmen) as a DCM just in case Tommy finds out her numbers are skewed to fit the policy de jour. Then she gets a year of severance while she migrates over to EPISD or Childrens to cook their books, too.

BTW, you can write to Tommy as I did and advise him to always get a 2nd opinion on business cases developed by people who have never been in the business, like AAA and MLS.

An ORR has been submitted to the City so we can now all know who this hateful rotten bitch is.

The mere fact that the CFO (Carmen) has moved into Shang's office doesn't necessarily mean she is a DCM. I think Robinson is confused on that issue.

RP -- no business experience "like MLS?" Are you kidding me? Are you talking about MountainStar's possible MLS team in El Paso? Please, tell me you're not that dumb.


Apparently she is that stupid. And within 30 days we will know her true identity. Now we'll see just how much she has to say when she's must take responsibility for her own comments.

Crowder reported the following:

Shang’s last public appearance was at the April 22 City Council meeting where she got into a discussion with council members about funding for the Wayfinding Project, a multi-million dollar pedestrian pathway to link a 15-block area of Downtown.

That discussion apparently put Shang at odds with then-city manager Joyce Wilson, who had given the council a different answer to the same question the day before, during the council’s agenda review session.

Shang left for an extended vacation to Europe that week. Upon her return, sources tell El Paso Inc., she was surprised to learn that Wilson had placed her on leave

Soon after, Wilson stepped down and Tommy Gonzalez took over as city manager.


RPisabitch, funny how you trash talk RP about taking responsibility for her own comments from an alias yourself.

What's funny is how she has completely shut up now that she has face up to all her hateful, racist, mean lies and comments.

What's funny is what is going to happen when she gets outed next month in front of her employer, family, and friends to see what kind of hate comes out of her mouth.

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