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July 29, 2014


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Then where would they do anal exploration for the Border Patrol?

but they will mr. k. they bloody will, er, i mean, we will. we are on the hook for everything that has been mismanaged except for the damn xmas display the lemon wanted so badly for claudia's district.

David K was correct!

And yet you still blow Escobar. From the Children's hospital, clinics, and thinking she knows about the Border around McAllen to adding a County Manager. Foster and Hunt's money along with your loyalty go to her. Unbelievable.

Valenti made me sick with his comments regarding laying off employees. He thinks we're stupid enough to feel bad about his dollar shortfall. Poor guy.
And yet, says the story, he is going ahead with additional construction / improvements at the hospital as well as the clinics.
He's never balanced a budget in his life. Total scammer, that's all he is.

For once I agree with DK. I'll cross-post this from Martin's blog, as what I have to say bears repeating.
The pattern continues here as politicos and vested interests – the Horde- become infatuated with vanity projects, the stadium being the latest example. There is a superficial business case defined (Salmon; Carmen A-C) to justify the project and then the full-court press of media hype and pressure on organizations like the Chambers for endorsement. Opponents are called “crazies” and “anti-progress” until there is the inevitable funding crisis a few years down the road when reality catches up to the hype. Then those who were originally opposed are vilified again as being “crazies” and “anti-progress” as the supporters back-pedal and dissemble. “Who could have seen that Medicaid would be cut?”

It never changes and neither will El Paso. The Next Big Thing will be a soccer stadium paid for by taxpayers only thru the County, as Hunt’s political capital in City Hall is currently tapped out.

UMC should be sold to a private operator and Valenti sacked forthwith. The age of federal largess is coming to an end, unless you work for the military-security complex.

I predict that the Next Big Funding Crisis here will be HACEP, our main local poverty plantation that floats a lot of boats for the Hunt power cabal.

Rep. Pickett has said that the 97 million for the trolley project can be spent elsewhere such as widening I-10 or work on the NE parkway. Seems we are being lied to again.

Lost all confidence in Jim Valenti & Veronica Escobar when they built the 3 Doc in the Boxes. Complete waste of tax dollars. Govt should never be asked to do anything that can be done privately - period!! Those medical facilities will be Escobar's undoing. The Children's Hospital will start public opinion turning against her and the medical facilities will hopefully finish her. Sadly she turned out to be a bunch of hot air!

Valenti pushed the clinics and Vero bought into it - not sure she really, truly understood what it was all about. Valenti is an egotistical maniac and always has been. A few years back an effort was made to discredit him and dump him when his exorbitant spending on trips, etc. came out. Guess he got saved by either Briones or Cobos at that time....and look where they are today!! That UMC board has some really good members - can't believe they are buying into this crap.

But hey - we don't have JW to kick around anymore, Holguin is gone, Limon will be out there all by herself with crazy Carl...so its the County's turn to be beat on.

County budget is not out of line compared to other Texas counties. The city's is way out of line. There should be a 10% across the board salary cut in city hall. Tell them it's to pay for the stadium.

All I can say is thank God I did not vote for the hospital. I just knew it was going to be a fiasco. Reason is that no one studied the plan enough. No one did their homework and did not plan accordingly.
As for the radio program someone mentioned they had a lot of people pro and con, but as usual no one paid much attention.
And I still remember Steve Ortega and Beto O'Rourke saying to the public that all the people in the Northeast were stupid and ignorant. Why?! Because most of us in the Northeast voted against it. And look at what happened now!

U -- listen to the news. Pickett back-peddled on his comment about the trolley money "could be spent anywhere." Now he's saying that TxDot is very low on funds and, therefore, should not be funding the trolleys. TxDot has a mandate to invest in public transportation. Widening a highway is not public transportation. I wonder what Pickett's after with his public statements and accusations? Additional publicity? A grudge against Houghton? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Daughter, why cant that 97 million be used to finish off the Transmountain second phase. The bypass that was supposed to cut off the loop and go over Anthony Gap. That would get so many trucks off 1-10. It would do much more to ease traffic than that stupid trolley.

I find it hilarious that no reporter called Pickett out on his 'I wish I could say more, but I can't' comment. I thought he was supposed to be working for the taxpayers. He implies corruption and someone profiting from the trolley deal, but 'can't comment' on who that might be?

Clearly he must have some inkling of who the profiteer is, so what gives Pickett? Who is pulling your strings and telling you to not say anything? What's in it for you to not say anything? Have you notified the proper authorities to tell them what you can't, and won't, tell your constituents?

I think Pickett is not saying more because there is nothing to say. This is the old trick of making subtle innuendos of corruption without having to provide facts. Better to just let the rumors float. Makes Pickett look important.

Picket is out of touch. The trolley project has been bantered about for years. It will funnel UTEP students downtown to bars and restraunts that will be built along the entire route. UTEP will grow...the delapidated homes along the route will be turned into business/residential ventures and will ultimately increase the tax base to pay for itself. TXDOT has funded many downtown rail projects in Several Texas cities...the question here that needs to be asked to Picket is why not invest in our own city with EP tax dollars going to the state. Why wouldn't we want our own dollars sent to the state to come back home? Pickets projects aren't engineered and Council under Beto, Steve, Suzy, Niland ect...voted on funding the engineering of the trolley years ago. Picket acting like it's been done in secret over the last several years is ludicrous. U saw it U have been there....and U know this project will ultimately be great for the City.

Lisa....U have Been a shining light on watch dog politics past but you still don't really get it. Sad that you can't see the future. You still look at today and advocate for nothing. Maybe you and rotten should both go back to business school..instead of looking stupid week after week.

I advocate for a strong balance sheet with low taxes. Not happening though. If the future is bankruptcy for the city of El Paso Texas then I don't want it. Sun Metro cannot support itself without subsidies. City Council refuses to raise bridge crossing fees but see no problem raising your electric and water bills, increase fees for parks and rec while at the same time not collecting money owed to it and handing it out like candy at Halloween to developers and diverting money from the general fund foe their special projects at the determent of the rest of the city.

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