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July 25, 2014


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...the ones who did overwhelmingly picked the pro-ballpark candidate.
Wow, DK draws the statistical conclusion that a turnout of 65% of 1,000 voters trumps 74% of 45,000. Priceless.

Maybe they just didn't want a saloon keeper to represent them, especially one who has caused their neighborhood such trouble. It happened to Norma.

Let's wait until the Fat One runs for office again. The people Peppers talks to in her district hate her, so Peppers predicts an Ortega-style defeat for Niland in whatever office she works.

If Peppers is wrong, Peppers will eat a green chili whole and suffer the screaming sphincter punishment to repent.

We don't vote. We are pathetic. We deserve to choke to death on fried elephant ears at monster truck shows.

David, I sent this letter to the editor, El Paso Times. Have no idea if they will print it or not.

I sure hope that Eddie Holguin, does not ever run for office again. Not even dog catcher.

First he lied about not wanting his constituents to pay more money for anything. Then he gets together with Lily Limon and has that fiasco at Shawyer Park. He liked getting that money, which of course his constituents have to pay.
Second his constituents have to pay more money, because of the special elections they had for his city council place. He had to leave so he could run for commissioners court. That's thousands more his constituents have to pay.
And now he is trying to get rid of all homeless shelters and halfway houses. I know for a fact that the halfway house on Alameda has been there for ages and nothing has ever happened. The Rescue Mission has been there for ages also and nothing has happened there. I remember when they opened up the Opportunity Center, it started with one building and now there are eleven. Nothing has happened there either.

One of those homes is for homeless veterans, These are the people that went to war for our country. Eddie Holguin not once has been in the service, much less gone to war.

It's a shame that for one incident, so many have to suffer. Shame on Eddie Holguin for thinking only of himself and no one else. He does not even know what poverty means.

NAME THE LAST BAR OWNER WHO WON AN ELECTION ? JAMIE WAS APPOINTED TO HIS POSITION, RIGHT ? my buddy alfrank ? this ordaz woman hasnt done anything piss off the 74 percent, yet.. not even living with vince pisses them off, yet.
most parents blame bar owners for their own children's dwi's(hitting home there) and everything else(shooting people). even you would have gotten more votes than armstrong and you got less than ketner. why ? your not a bar owner. its still sad that our city put this guy out of business though, but again he is a bar owner. its a shame cook allegedly had police checking alfrank leaving his bar every night hoping to catch him for a dwi. people dont give a shit. he is a bar owner. people made ortega pay for his sins. in the mayor election and even in his district where even an idiot like limon beat chozet who had all of hunt's, foster's, and even the taco bell guy's money. now that was the kicker.

My friends down at city hall are saying you're going to need a new rabbi soon. Just sayin'.


Omg you have to read a campaign book or go to a campaign class. Leesser won because of name recognition! That is it! All he did was run on commercials and that's it. As a 3D voter I didn't receive one thing from him. No mailer, no door knocker no phone call. He knew from day one he had this in the bag because he's been on TV for 10 years.

The only ones that don't like Niland are the uneducated unemployed potheads that live in Sunset Heights (the educated ones that contribute to society love her) the segundo barrio people who are a whopping 10 votes, and the Lincoln center people who are another 10 votes (I know there's more protesters than that but I recognize a lot of them and they live in central and the valley). Other than that she will beat Ric schecter in a landslide again!

Can't wait for you to be wrong!

Rotten Peppers,

Way more people voted for the HOT going to the stadium than voted for mayor. How do you explain that


Way more people had no choice re: HOT stadium. It was like, choose between hanging and gas, not a meaningful vote. For that the Witch, Fat One and Hunt and Foster can burn in hell for their willing subversion of democracy and our right to a meaningful vote.

The people I talk with re: the Fat One live on the west side, not downtown. Peppers doesn't know anyone downtown but occasionally slips a fiver to some bum to poop on Anson's doorstep.

It is very sad that "Rotten Pepper" can't talk about issues and resorts to childish name calling and childish talk. Time to grow up. No one can take "Rotten Pepper" seriously with all the trash talk in their posts.


I'm still working on that project for you.

Greg. Uneducated potheads don't vote. Courtney did not win Sunset Heights because those people are the smart ones and progressive. If she didn't win that neighborhood, who did?

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